Food News and Booze (3/25/14)

Tuesdays suck, but at least there are plenty of food and drink deals.

Lamb ragu (left) interior (right) photography by Ariel Gonzalez
Battuto’s lamb ragu (left); interior (right) photography by Ariel Gonzalez

Green Grocer is seeking a head chef/kitchen/catering manager. The posting is up on Craigslist, and the requirements are long. Basically, you have to be awesome, because everyone who works at Green Grocer is pretty freaking perfect.

Boulevardier is hosting a cocktail evening with $5 cocktails. Who said Tuesdays suck? From 4:30 to 10 p.m., you can get a Superfruit Spritz, Totalamenta a Mano, Amazon Lily, and Saude in exchange for one Abraham Lincoln. Good deal, if you ask me.

Today, Battuto is doing another Two-for-Tuesday pasta entrees for the price of one. That’s another excellent reason to eat out on Tuesdays, if you ask me.


  • rvponders

    Carol, just FYI, Sera Dining near TCU has a special paella supper on Tuesdays – rotating tableside paella and family-style sides. Tonight’s is Queen Snapper, Clams & Chorizo with Fiddlehead Ferns & Green Garlic. Totally worth the drive – this place has earned a special place in my heart, even if it doesn’t get as much press as the other tapas restaurant that opened last year (which is also very, very good).

  • Carol Shih

    Thanks! Next time email me and I’ll keep it in mind for round-ups.