• Greg Brown

    Mr. Mesero. Just simply excellent Mexican cuisine. From the chiles sampler with fresh made chips to the quickly inhaled nachos to a most wonderfuly earthy yet perfumed mole’ and delightfully strong margaritas, this place has renewed my faith in quality Mexican food. Service was also spot on. This will be our go-to Mexican place from now on.

    • twInwillow

      Best Tex-Mex in Dallas. I commented about it here two weeks ago.

  • EDG

    tempura green beans and salmon entree both very good
    atmosphere good
    service: horrible, uncaring, brought dirty wine glasses to our table, when we pointed out they were cloudy, the server shrugged her shoulders and said,” I didn’t check them.”
    Won’t go back based on service. Is anyone managing this restaurant?

  • EDG

    Cane Rosso:
    Burrata salad: fantastic, Cane Rosso pizza: very good
    Service: warm and friendly

  • InTheKnowDallas

    Victor Tangos. We’re on our quest to eat at all 100 of the D Magazine list(I know, some closed), and strangely enough hadn’t been to VT. Had delicious cocktails, including the Lost in Translation with candied shitake. Split the duck, goat cheese, fig, balsamic and basil flatbread and loved it. They had run out of the Salty Marble Potatoes, so I guess we’ll need to make a return visit. Service was great and happy to check it off the 100 list.

  • EDG

    Origin on McKinney:
    My new favorite restaurant. The Regular Salad (rotisserie chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, caramelized onions and spinach was FANTASTIC.
    Service was FANTASTIC as well. Very attentive, sincerely caring… All GOOD!

  • TLS

    Had to kill some time in Rockwall so I went to Zanata during their website advertised happy hour. I spent the hour but it wasn’t happy. At the bar I asked for a menu and inquired about some of the items and then I waited. And I waited. Bartenders were stocking the bar, a waitress was rolling silverware, a cook was roasting vegetables but no one could be bothered to take my order despite the menu sitting next me and my empty glass of water.

    • allison

      Number one rule of customer service is that tasking is always second to customer service.

  • AmyS

    Where is the pizza from in the photo? Looks delish.

    • twinwillow

      Looks like the Margherita at Cane Rosso.

  • Jonathon Nicholson

    Went to Komali for happy hour and snacks. Tried their new margarita called the Love Potion and it was amazing. They were rolling out a new menu and I got to see the photographer taking pics of all the new items. Based on what I saw I will be back for dinner very soon. Had the Mexican meatballs and a cup of poblano soup. Both were fantastic! the poblano soup was the best I have ever had.

  • kYle

    Found Offshore’s Next door in Lake Highlands by accident. Any place that serves Abita Amber is gonna be okay in my book. Crawfish Etouffee wasn’t as spicy as I’m accustomed but was still very satisfying. It was served with dirty rice, a lemon wedge, four small pieces of grilled french baguette, and some grilled smoked sausage. I really had a lot of fun eating that dish. Lots of different flavor combos. It came with two accompanying sides. Cole slaw was an interesting mix of garlic and horseradish, and huspuppies, which I took home to use on my trot lines.

    • Greg Brown

      Hey thanks for the review. Always looking for new places in the ‘hood.

  • Trm

    Nazca Kitchen for brunch — fantastic! I appreciate the laid back atmosphere — especially for brunch. The food is so yummy!

  • joeat

    Gemma Sunday night with party of 8. Everything was wonderful, 5 of us had the Veal cheeks which were fantastic. Sabrina, wine sommelier, was great only to learn the next day she was leaving for Knife. She will be missed but Allison can handle it. Gemma definitely a keeper, lots going for it.

  • rvponders

    Keep hearing good things about Mr. Mesero – may need to forgo one of my other mexican favorites and try it. So hard to miss out on Mesa, Lanny’s, and Mi Dia from Scratch though…

    Speaking of which, I *did* eat at Mi Dia from Scratch this Monday – they were out of the huitlacoche, so had to stick to spinach quesadillas and tamales, but even with Tex-Mex standards, they manage to knock the ball out of the flavor park. The cool thing about their quesadillas is that they don’t pack ’em with cheese, so you can actually TASTE the other ingredients. And their salsa (red with a streak of salsa verde) is deceptively spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. Gabriel DeLeon was made to run this restaurant – I don’t think there’s many chefs who are so good at balancing flavors in this city. Plano, you lucky folks are getting this stuff closer to you first – not fair!

    Tonight, just got done eating dinner at one of my all-time favorites, Ellerbe Fine Foods. It’s been a stretch of 6-7 months at least since I last ate at Ellerbe, which is funny since there was a time that I was eating there AT LEAST once a month, but too many new places to try. But tonight’s dinner reminded me why this place is the original and still amongst the very, very best. From the heirloom tomato salad to the antelope to the pancetta wrapped trout to the alfajores to close – this place is a class act from start to finish in terms of attentive, helpful service and amazing dishes which respect their ingredients. Sorry I strayed, Ellerbe – doesn’t look like I was missed too much, since the lead time for a reservation’s getting up to an almost Lucia-like 2+ weeks – but I’ll be back sooner than 6 months.

    Also hit up the Salsa Limon food truck (I’ll say it again, I could live on the pastor alone for a year without a complaint) and Glazed (in Arlington and Grand Prairie, which really is the most elegant doughnut shop in the entire Metroplex – with awesome bacon, Nutella and glazed doughnuts to boot).

  • rvponders

    I didn’t check them. Wow. Couldn’t even pretend to care. Wow.

  • merrimanwines

    The Queen of Sheba

    Been going to this restaurant since I was a teenager, about 30 years ago. Back then it was at Lemmon and Cole, now it’s in Addison on Inwood Rd next to Goody Goody.
    Had the Doro Wat, which is a chicken leg and a hard boiled egg smothered in a rich, spicy sauce. There’s a choice of 3 sides, and I almost always go for the miser wat, and a couple of other veggie dishes. Get a side of mitmita to spice it up even more. Tej, the Ethiopian mead, is the prefect wine to offset the extreme spiciness and richness of the dish. Service was great.
    Got a bag of the coffee mixed with spices, which they now sell retail. Reminds me of the Israeli coffee mixed with spices (chell).
    Fantastic in all respects.
    I will never not go to The Queen.

    • rvponders

      Will have to try this, I love Ethiopian food. Thanks for sharing!

  • Carol Shih

    It’s actually from Nonna.

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