Food Feedback Friday

It's Food Feedback Friday! Tell us which restaurants you tried this week.

FoodFeedback Happy Friday. Tell us where you ate this week. Last week, you ate like good little piggies and reported on Nazca, Pizza Snob, Pecan Lodge, Salsa Limon, Spiral Diner, Chino Chinatown, and Italia Express on Continental Ave. just off Riverfront. He begged us to try the pizza at this little sleeper. Sounds like a good plan.


  • rvponders

    1) La Duni – I know you guys weren’t fans of their recent cuatro leches cake, but for me, there is no better Latin American food in the Metroplex. So glad I was able to get in there this Sunday for brunch (albeit with a 50 minute wait…)

    2) Tina’s Cocina – The pozole. ‘Nuf said.

    3) Il Cane Rosso – I know, I know, Italian Express. But sorry, I needed my charred, blistered crust. And I tried out a new pie – let me tell you, the cacio e pepe is a winner. The basil, the burrata, the cracked pepper – yeah, everyone needs to eat this now. Everyone.

    4) Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ – Didn’t get out there last week, but have already got the reservations for tomorrow. I’m gonna be dreaming of the Koryo Special tonight… all that meat. And the charcoal tableside grill. And the pancake… mmmmmm….

    Thanks to Hayley, it looks like I am gonna have to try out Bite City Grill…

  • rvponders

    Post-lunch at Koryo Kalbi, still so full and very jealous of the lucky people in North Dallas who have this place and Royal China in their backyard.

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