Twitter Talk Tuesday: Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent at El Guapo’s in Denton

Tex-Mex, politics, and Twitter controversy. All in one morning.

Late this morning, Republican candidate for Texas governor, Greg Abbott, campaigned at El Guapo’s in Denton with controversial musician Ted Nugent, much to people’s dismay. (Nugent made such derogatory remarks about President Obama last month that I can’t even bring myself to type them.) Here’s what Twitter had to say about this morning’s appearance:

neff kera shaun1 buddy


  • twinwillow

    I totally agree with Neff Conner’s comments above.

  • Corky Luxembourg

    This exemplifies perfectly the media leftist bias. “Much to people’s dismay”? All people, Carol? Or just leftist people. Ted Nugent said “derogatory things against the president”?! No! How awful. You couldn’t even bring yourself to write about it. Well who could blame you? We all must sing the praises of our great president, and we must do so together, with the complicity of the press. Afterall, he only wants what’s best for us.