Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Match the Book Club Book to a Dallas Restaurant

A book club is in search of a restaurant that matches the storyline of The Husband's Secret. It's set in Australia, but they refuse to even consider Outback Steakhouse. Have an idea for them?

husbandThis literary lass and her group of like-minded bookish babes meet each month to discuss a book. Their goal is to find a restaurant that somehow coordinates with the storyline. Once they read The Help and discussed it over chocolate pie at Rathbun’s Blue Plate. Another time, they headed to Campisi’s to chat about Cleopatra: A Life. For Replay, they went to Fireside Pies on Inwood, which used to be George, which used to be The Riviera. Good stuff. This month, she needs help.

We are reading The Husband’s Secret. It’s set in Australia. We are NOT going to the Outback Steakhouse. The only suggestions I had was Dakota’s where we ride the elevator ‘down under’ the street. Any good ideas?

Or maybe we can figure out the restaurant first and then match the book. Come on, you don’t have anything better to do on this glorious day.


  • RooontheBarbie

    Lonesome Dove for Kangaroo Meat

  • TLS

    Rachel (in the book) works at St. Angela’s. They could go to Saint Ann’s Restaurant.
    The Berlin Wall is mentioned several times. They could go to a German restaurant.
    Or because the book was so average they could pick any average restaurant.

  • A. B.
  • Rhys Armstrong

    They could go to Ascension!