At Snuffer's, there's dollar draft all-day, every day. (photos by Lauren Meystedt)

Snuffer’s is Making a Few Changes to the Menu

After Snuffer’s was bought out by Firebird Restaurant Group (which is owned by Mike Karns of El Fenix and Meso Maya), the famous burger and cheese fries restaurant has made a few changes. We were invited to a special “Burgers, Bloggers, and Beer” event at Snuffer’s, where we scarfed some food down and learned about the chain’s big news.

First of all, the Snuffer’s Greenville Avenue location is set to open on March 10. Snuffer’s has been a Dallas institution for over 30 years, and this will be the seventh incarnation of this family-friendly sports bar.

There have also been some modifications to the menu. The chain has finally made the switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola products, probably to the chagrin of the five or so people who actually drink Pepsi, but to the joy of anyone with taste buds. If you prefer a buzzier beverage, you may also be in luck, since Bud Light drafts are now a dollar all-day, every day.

They’ve also made some much-requested additions. Now there’s house-made guacamole, which can be ordered as a side with chips or added to any menu item, and sweet potato fries, which can be smothered in cheese, chives, jalapeños, and bacon. If you want a really indulgent treat, get them in Snuffer’s newest dessert—it’s so good I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Kristen Taylor is a D Magazine intern.


  • dallasboiler

    Given PepsiCo’s substantial presence in the DFW-area (e.g., Frito-Lay HQ, several Frito-Lay plants, a Pepsi Bottling operation, etc.), you’d probably be surprised by how many people disagree with you on the preference for Coke products. That’s a part of the reason why American offers both Pepsi and Coke products on their flights.

    However, I never went to Snuffer’s for the soda anyway … as long as the cheese fries are just as good, they’ll continue to get some of my business.

    • mike

      Yeah, amazing how just because some food blogger doesn’t like something they thing nobody likes it.

  • Oscar Pozos

    Snuffer’s really needs to reinvent their concept and food menu (entirely). A change on the menu is urgent…but adding only some items but not changing the quality and type of food and until I’ll see it for myself I’ll never go again to this place…now well….Snuffers in Greenville Ave and is exactly next to Granada Theater thus Sundown at Granada….how can they compete with the incredible quality of Sundown with the current menu and some “additions”? They can’t! So, it’s your call snuffers….renew or die

  • Chan

    I have to agree with the author. The only people I know that like Pepsi are Frito-Lay executives. The switch to Coke is definitely an important factor in me frequenting a business (now if we could get DFW to go to Coke).

    Overall, I am glad to see Snuffer’s new ownership is making steps in the right direction to keep this Dallas institution viable.

  • ColinZ

    Was hoping to read that the big menu change was a 75% reduction in the salt used in their food.

  • Jeff Hayden

    Pepsi’s slogan should be, “Is Pepsi OK?”

  • Avid Reader

    I might have missed a post on this, but when did “Snuffers” buy the Greenville location from Pat? Previous posts mention Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries going into that spot…

  • steph

    I went to Snuffers last night and the burger was completely different. For the first time since I was a child, my burger from Snuffers was not cooked correctly. I ordered medium rare and it was medium +. It does not resemble the juicy hand-packed burgers of past. It now has a striking resemblance to a McDonald’s beef patty that is prepacked, contains fillers and frozen. It was so sad. The cheese fries were still great, but I prefer plain anyway. And the $1 beer was preferable because it was 10 oz. I ordered the 1/4 lb burger and hopefully the 1/2 lb option is still the same.