Food Feedback Friday

It's Food Feedback Friday on SideDish. Which restaurants did you visit this week?

FoodFeedback Happy Friday. It’s February 14– Makha Bucha Day (Buddhist All Saints Day) in Thailand. I suggest you fill up on Thai Food all weekend. Before you go there, tell us where you ate this week. Better yet, tell us where you tend to romance your lover tonight. The name of the restaurant only. Keep the rest of the info to yourself (or send me an email).  Last week, you reported on CBD Provisions.


  • Fowler Nordheim

    Last Sunday, the spouse and I had one of the best meals we have had in Dallas at The Grape. Very reasonably priced for the quality of the food and the care that went into the preparation & service.

  • James Wilson

    Mr., Wok rated in the best of Dallas restaurants, HOWEVER the meal we ate there was one of the WORST restaurants meal I ever had. Even the dishes were dirty, the glass my got for water had lipstick on it and the food was so bad eating DOG FOOD would have been better.

    So if you in Plano and want Chinese don’t go to Mr. Wok it worse than sucks. So much for D Magazine recommendations! How much did they pay you for this recommendation. BTW the service was bad too.

  • rvponders

    Mi Dia from Scratch, AF+B, Zoli’s, CrushCraft and Sol de Luna…

  • Greg Brown

    blind butcher. Half bar, half restaurant. They do indeed know their meat. The Pastrami Eggrolls are da bomb. The Bangers and Mash were as good as if not better than what I have had across the pond. Nice cocktails, wide beer selection, very friendly bar staff. Definitely worth a visit or two.

  • kYle

    Our first visit to Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill. The pork chop and ribeye were both perfect. I shouldn’t have but I enjoyed every bit of that caveman sized chop. The french fries were limp and seemed to be an afterthought and the creamed spinach was parmesan intensive, but there are plenty of other sides for subsequent visits. The sweet to tart ratio of the key lime pie was spot on for my tastes and I really enjoyed the generous pour from the bar staff.

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