February 24 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas


Highlight of The Week: Hard Working Owners

Typically, I’ve tried to highlight one of our better food trucks or a great upcoming event.  Today though, with better weather approaching, I highlight the hard working owners by looking back at many of the food trucks that didn’t survive over the last 3 years.  All of those logos up there?  To my best knowledge, they are all out of food truck business (since they are mobile, you can never tell if they are truly completely out of business).  Some of these were outstanding food trucks: Hot Box, Munch Box, and Yellow Belly were all very good.  Green House has morphed into a brick’n’mortar and City Street Grille‘s owner is focusing on food truck buildouts for other operators.   Some owners declared to me that it’s too difficult to run a food truck when you are past the age of the “young invincibles”.

In general though, the three key flaws with many (but not all) of these operations included (1) the belief that “build it and they will come, (2) complete and utter lack of financial and business sense, and (3) plain, hard work.

In the first case, I’ve seen many operators get all excited about leasing a truck, getting a logo designed, getting the wrap put on, and getting their menus designed.  Then, complete failure in launch execution.

Many of these had good food, but they could not put together a business plan and execute on the financials involved.  Several paid very large monthly lease fees and some didn’t understand the commissary fees.

For most though, it came down to plain, hard work.  They got the truck wrapped, menu designed, Facebook page built, and web site done (well, mostly).  But then they learned that working in a 120 degree tin box in July in Dallas is not an easy thing.  Or that customers don’t necessarily come out in 35 degree weather in winter.  In decent to good weather, food trucks need to be out a minimum of 4 lunch servings and 4 dinner services.  It takes time and energy to cultivate locations, other food truck owners, update social media, write events contracts, and yes, submit the schedule to SideDish so that you know where you can find them.

So this week, we highlight the hard, hard working food truck owner/operators.  A few of the hardest working in Dallas include Easy Slider, Pompeii, Tutta’s Pizza, Guava Tree, Rock’n’Rick’s, and Cajun Tailgators.

Here’s your schedule.  Always check Facebook and Twitter before venturing out.

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