Chef Danyele McPherson Leaves The Grape for HG Sply Co.

Chef Danyele McPherson leaves the kitchen at The Grape for HG Sply Co.

Danyele McPherson is a stone-cold baller headed to the top. (Photo by Brian Lopiccolo)

When chef Danyele McPherson joined the kitchen staff at The Grape, she promised chef/owner Brian Luscher she would stay a year. Three years and a big promotion later, she’s moving on to HG Sply Co. “I can’t say much at this time,” McPherson says. “Today is my last day at The Grape. I’m going to miss it here. I have met most of my friends working here. I also met my boyfriend of two years while I was working here.”

Owner Brian Luscher is happy for McPherson. “She’s a stone-cold baller and all-around player,” Luscher says. “Keep your eye on her. She is going one place: the top.”