Café Momentum Named Beneficiary of Crystal Charity 2014

cafeMy Sweet Charity has the news. Café Momentum is one of the seven beneficiaries of Crystal Charities 2014. Their goal this year is to raise $5,127,886. If achieved, the following organizations will receive big bucks. I was with Chad Houser yesterday just before he left to make his pitch to the Crystal Charity Committee. I asked him how many f-bombs he had in his speech. I’m waiting to see if he actually made it through without one slipping out.

Café Momentum — $487, 640

Dallas CASA — $960,290

Equest — $851,500

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic, Inc. — $603,543

Mercy Street Inc. — $733,533

Vogel Alcove — $741,380

Wesley-Rankin Community Center — $750,000