Soft Opening for Restaurant Vagabond Moved to Early March

Greenville Avenue club veteran, John Kenyon, moves the opening of Restaurant Vagabond to early March.

John Kenyon gets ready for his next close-up.
John Kenyon gets ready for his next close-up. (Photography by Carol Shih)

I bumped into John Kenyon yesterday and got an update on the upcoming opening of his Restaurant Vagabond. As Carol so diligently reported in early January, Kenyon has taken over the space formerly known as huge J. Pepe’s on Greenville Avenue and will turn it into an uber-cool hangout out with great music and food. Kenyon’s a veteran. He’s been involved in Nick’s Uptown, Fast and Cool Club where he partnered with Shannon Wynne, the Red Jacket which closed in 2003. Eddie “Lucky” Campbell is designing the drinks; Stewart Jameson (Mot Hai Ba, Good2Go, Goodfriend) is running the kitchen and the front of the house. The proposed late January opening has blown by. Look for soft opening the first week of March.