The Lionfish for TJ’s and Driftwood’s Dinner is Being Held in Customs

This fishy event isn't happening tonight, after all.

This lionfish doesn't look too happy about being in customs (via
This lionfish doesn’t look too happy about being in customs (via

So, uh, no lionfish dinner tonight. I know this event quickly sold out and a bunch of you were looking forward to eating these pretty-looking things, but the lionfish are not in Dallas. I repeat: the lionfish are still wading through customs.

These little buggers are supposedly harming the Atlantic and Caribbean ecosystems by eating up the good organisms that live in coral reefs, so Omar Flores (Driftwood), Jon Alexis (TJ’s), and Dave Johnson (Traditional Fisheries) cooked up this dinner idea to eliminate some of the lionfish, while also teaching people about this Gulf problem.

Anyway, that’s not happening tonight, like it was scheduled. A new dinner date will be announced either tomorrow or Wednesday.




  • Jeff Hayden

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen that exact headline…

  • Jon Alexis

    2/3 of our fish (along with Perla’s in Austin) was delayed in customs.. We were assured by the “powers that be” the fish was properly refrigerated…but when i picked up at 8am this morning my nose clearly told me otherwise. 🙁

    The good news is that the 1/3 of the shipment that did make it through customs arrived in Dallas in pristine shape. Check out TJ’s and Driftwood’s Facebook pages for pictures of the fish. TJs’ served red wine poached lionfish with toasted fennel vinaigrette.

    Everyone who ate this weekend LOVED THE FISH.

    Both TJ’s and Driftwood have a handful of servings of lionfish – call or email to reserve if you want to be sure to get some.

    We’ll be announcing the new date for the dinner as soon as we have confirmation on getting more product.

    And no…the irony of not being able to get enough of a fish that lays 30k eggs every 3-4 days is not lost on any of us!!!!

  • twinwillow

    The Lion (fish) has roared! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  • Brian Barber

    I’m a chef and I know David Johnson and have bought lions from him before. This is just cost of doing biz over the border. That sucks, if it makes you feel better David will tell you himself I lost a package from him. US Customs. What ya gunna do. Heck customs held an entire container of triggerfish off te coast of San Fran last summer,sat for 45. Days. Anyway can’t blame anyone for this. It happens. Just try again or come see me. I got plenty of local lions

  • Britt

    I live on an island off the coast of Belize and it is pretty remarkable to see that slowly our nurse sharks are learning to eat them since so many divers spear and feed the sharks and eels lion fish on their dives to help with the population. Kudos to you guys for trying to educate and assist with the overpopulation!