Take-Out Only: Cattleack BBQ in North Dallas

Cattleack BBQ in North Dallas offers take-out only barbecue. Have you been?

Take-out only barbecue.
Take-out only barbecue.

I won’t lie to you. Cattleack BBQ is going on the Bad Names for Restaurants List. Wait, it’s not really a restaurant. It’s a take-out-only-on-Fridays barbecue outlet. I will honestly tell you I have never heard of this place. ‘Natch, the BBQ Snob has been there and so has the Texas BBQ Posse.

Today is Friday so it seems appropriate to mention this place. They open for lunch at 10:30 and close 2:00ish. The rest of the week they are catering. You can find them at 13628 Gamma Rd, just north of 635 and east of Midway. 972-805-0999. A recent email from the owners, Todd and Misty David, says free cold beer. Go. Eat. Report.


  • mrr

    Yes, it’s good, but the take-out situation stinks – there is a single bench outside, eating bbq in your car is near impossible, and it doesn’t stay warm on a ride back to the office.

  • rravidgolfer

    Incredible BBQ! Always drove from Las Colinas to Cattleack with numerous orders. Never once did co-workers complain about cold BBQ. They were too busy stuffing their faces. It’s that good!

  • Peter Simek

    You may have had them, actually. They brought a BBQ lunch to the D offices a couple of years ago or so when they were still a catering outfit. That day the meat was so-so, but they used to host a monthly BBQ lunch for the local real estate/property management community, and it was consistently fantastic.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Thanks, Peter. Good story.

  • Todd

    Reaallly you don’t like our name? You get the award for the first person to say that. Folks love our creative name. Please come try the BBQ on a Friday except next Friday (1/31) we will be closed. I hope you like it better than the name. I do appreciate you even mentioning us in your blog. We enjoy just trying to spread good bbq with folks and yes we give away beer while people wait in line. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Marshall Cooper

    “Same o’l stuff, nothing special”.

  • Jed Dunn

    Honestly, Cattleack has some of the best Brisket in town. The beef ribs are amazing too! Finally great BBQ for North Dallas. Even if you have to find that special Friday to eat it. Keep making great ‘cue Todd!!!

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  • Christopher Chester

    I remember reading about the CattleAck Barbeque long long ago. So after a year of working next to the Galleria, and it being a Friday and all, I was hungry and told myself I was going to get some Q. Guess what came to mind…the Ack. So I Googled the location and decided to take the the 4 minutes and drive the extensive distance of three blocks, only because gmaps said walking would take 11 minutes and I have an aversion to exercise as it is.
    I would have missed the place had it not been the blinding light that reflected off the metal picnic table on sliver of green next to the road. When I opened the door around 1 pm, there were two people in line. Not a good sign. I was greeted by short haired blonde lady and told to grab a free beer. I looked down and my eyes caught the sweetest words I had seen all day, “Free Beer”. I must have died and gone to hell as my company frowns on its employees smelling like adult beverages in the office. I respectfully declined as I need a job.
    That made up for the lack of people so I looked at the chalk menu and listened to the friendly banter of the staff with customers in line and on the phone. Seemed like they regulars which they are first name basis.
    I was having trouble figuring out what to get as I was being assaulted by the subtle smell of smoke and spice. Then the guy in front of me orders a beef rib. Really? One beef rib? The guy behind the counter pulls out this package and unwraps these beautiful foot long four inch tall, two and a half inch wide dinosaur ribs. Now I know what flipped the Flintsone’s car!
    My turn. One beef rib, half pound of baby pork rib and…. half pound of brisket. The guy asks me marbled or lean brisket. Now, why do you ask a hungry guy a question like that. Seeing that my brain just lost a cog, he offers me a taste of both. Fist was the marbled with a good amount of bark. The meat was moist and the bark firm and smoked to perfection. As I chewed I realized I had died and gone to hell as this place was only open on Fridays and I was on a so called diet. The lean was just right with no hint of dryness.
    I also took my chances and ordered the coleslaw even though they were pushing the mac-n-cheese. Had I not just cooked homemade three cheese mac the night before I would have pulled the trigger.
    It only took a minute for that Q smell to leech out of the bag and smack me as I drove back to the office. I decided to save the mammoth meat rib for the family that evening so I brake out the baby ribs. The meat was tender but not falling off the bone. Good flavor. Brisket time. Having ordered a mix of the marbled and lean I was pleasantly surprised that I made the right decision. The mix was just what I needed, good texture and flavor with no excess fat to spoil the bites. The slaw was a vinegar based non-creamy style. The most of the cabbage was firm and full of color but a it was translucent and not as tasty. All in all it was good but not great.
    It is now 5:30 and I am at home stripping this meat of the bone for the family to eat after warming it up in the oven for a few minutes. There was a good amount of bark but a little too much fat in some areas but overall a nice cut of meat. Wife is super picky but she enjoyed it also and I had to keep her from eating the kids’ portions.
    Overall, this is some damn good Texas Q. If you find yourself hungry, hump day was day before yesterday, and you need something to pull you out of the fast food funk you have been enduring all week, think of the Ack.