Steven Doyle of CraveDFW Arrested on Drug Charges and Failure to Pay Child Support

CraveDFW founder, Steven Doyle, has been arrested for drugs and failure to pay child support.

Steven Doyle needs help.

Last night, the old inbox was buzzing about the Monday arrest of CraveDFW founder, Steven Doyle. I looked up his arrested record and decided not to go with it because the guy obviously has some serious problems. This morning, Scott Reitz pulled the trigger on Doyle and released some of the details of Doyle’s recent brush with the law.

Doyle was arrested in Farmers Branch early Monday morning when police pulled him over and allegedly found cocaine in his car. Once they realized his identity and the fact that there were at least two, if not three, warrants out for his arrest, they carted him to cell 6W03 in the North Tower of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center.

According to his record, Doyle has been arrested twice for DWI. The first time on September 28, 2011 and again last year on March 31, 2013. Apparently, Doyle failed to show up for his court dates and warrants for his arrests surrounding the two DWI charges were filed on September 10, 2013 and another one October 25, 2013. His court-appointed attorney resigned in November 27, 2013 stating the defendant “has not appeared in court.”

On top of the three drug and alcohol charges, Doyle is being held for criminal non support of a child. His ex-wife and two daughters live in Kansas.

Sadly, today is Doyle’s 52nd birthday. Here is the story we published about Doyle in November 2011.

Update: Steven Doyle sent an email blast to the media: “You may want to get your facts straight in order to avoid a suit. The substance thought to be a drug was not and case dropped. The word alleged is generally used in these cases where the facts are foggy and the person in question has not been tried. Thank you for thinking of
me, however.”

He also left the following comment: “I appreciate all the love. The real story is far less boring. I missed a child support payment last year and never caught up. Sad but true. The drug charge was dropped when they found out what it really was. I did have dui’s. Alot of us have. No excuses and why I use Lyft when drinking. I am free and will continue to be the bain of D’s existence. The best is yet to come. Enjoy the gossip columns, I am about the groceries.”