Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Burmese Restaurant in Dallas

Anybody out there know of a Burmese restaurant in Dallas?

map-burmaShe’s jonsing for Burmese tea leaf salad, samosa soup, and a noodle dish called “Kaw Soi Dok.” She waxes:

 Having Burmese food is an experience. It was for me, anyway. It is unsuspectingly comforting and makes the unknown feel familiar. I had a Burmese tea leaf salad the about six months ago in San Francisco and I remember every detail about the taste. The flavor notes were citrusy, earthy, and nutty. This made it light and fresh while also being hearty and comforting. I would love for my friends and family/North Texas to have this opportunity with Burmese food. But, I cannot find a restaurant in our area.