Phil Romano Plans to Open Potato Flats, a Baked Potato Restaurant, in Trinity Groves

Spuds, spuds, and more spuds.

The signage for Potato Flats, Phil Romano's latest Trinity Groves project (photography by Leah Clausen)
The signage for Potato Flats, Phil Romano’s latest Trinity Groves project (photography by Leah Clausen)

For a long time, a mysterious sign for Potato Flats hovered above (what I can only guess are) floor plans and construction materials inside an empty space at Trinity Groves, the West Dallas restaurant incubator. Nobody said a peep about the restaurant. Nobody knew the specifics of what Potato Flats had in store for West Dallas until now.

This morning, according to the Dallas Business Journal, Phil Romano (the guy behind Trinity Groves, Fuddrucker’s, Eatzi’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, etc.) released some details about his very own concept. Staff writer Danielle Abril reports:

Romano will begin construction of Potato Flats in 15-20 days and expects to open it at Trinity Groves in less than three months. He released the news at the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Retail and Consumer Luncheon Series covering retail innovation on Friday.

The concept will be similar to that of Chipotle, except its main dish will be baked potatoes. Guests will enter the line where they’ll order their baked potato, which will be pressed down to be one- to one-and-a-half inches thick. The guest will then be able to select their toppings from a line of hot pans that will follow the press.

This will be Romano’s second restaurant inside Trinity Groves. His first one was Hoffman Hots, a hot dog venue that Nancy wrote about last summer. In May 2014, Romano will open his third concept, Saint Rocco, which is focused on “New York Italian” food. Jessica Ring, a PR rep with Allyn Media, tells me it’s the pink building after you cross the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge coming from downtown. It’s right before you hit 3015 at Trinity Groves. But Saint Rocco, she says, is still far out.

Right now the focus is on Potato Flats, which is scheduled for a March opening. The space is behind Casa Rubia and faces 3015’s parking lot. More details to come.