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Hypnotic Donut Dash’s 5K and Chubby Bunny Contest is Happening This Saturday

Eat and run, run and eat.

Hypnotic Donuts is weird, I’ll give you that. This Saturday, January 25, the funky donut shop is encouraging people to eat donuts and then run in their 5K. Consumption is not absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely part of the fun. (Throwing up is not.) Three donut hole stations will be placed along the route, helping runners to stay in perfect donut shape along the way. There’s a chubby bunny contest starting at 9:30 a.m., so if you’ve got the stretchy cheeks to enter, please do so. We welcome your videos.

For those over 21, the Hypnotic Donut Dash promises plenty of beer. Live music, free food, and an “awesome prize drawing” is for everyone. Clearly, this is not the most healthy of 5Ks. But, hey, it all balances out.

To register, go here.