How to Throw an Awesome Vegetarian Super Bowl Party

I’m not a vegetarian, but wings aren’t exactly my thing. Plus, it’s a debbie downer to think about all the chickens it takes to feed the massive population of football-watching wing-eaters in our country. This year, we’re doing something different on SideDish. We’re helping you incorporate more veggies into your Super Bowl Sunday, so when Monday comes, you won’t feel so clogged up. See? We’re looking out for you. And you toilet. Fiber is necesito, my friends.

Here are some ideas we’ve gathered:

Holy Kombucha's prickly pear (photo via Facebook)
Holy Kombucha’s prickly pear (photo via Facebook)


Rock Ryder vegan beer from Lakewood Brewing Co. It’s an American rye wheat beer.

Holy Kombucha’s prickly pear flavor. Easily one of my favorites.

Caramelized onion and shallot dip (via Bon Appetit)
Caramelized onion and shallot dip (via Bon Appetit)


Quinoa pizza bites by Chocolate Covered Katie. A super cheesy alternative. (Or you could go with these roasted cherry tomato pizza poppers by Better Homes and Gardens.)

This beer cheese soup from Garden & Gun. It asks for a cup of chicken stock, but you can substitute it with vegetable.

Onion and shallot dip by Bon Appetit.

Loaded veggie nachos by Damn Delicious.

Vegetarian lasagna (via What Katie Ate)
Vegetarian lasagna (via What Katie Ate)


 Three-bean chili by Smitten Kitchen. Look easy and I’m dying to try it.

Meat-free lasagna with polenta, veggies, and feta by What Katie Ate.

The perfect baked potato by Bon Appetit. This one’s dedicated to my friend Liz.

Cucumber lime pops by Tim Love (via Food and Wine magazine)
Cucumber lime pops by Tim Love (via Food and Wine magazine)


Tim Love’s cucumber-lime pops with gin.

Frosted gingerbread bites by Thug Kitchen. Let’s pretend it’s still almost Christmas.

And, lastly, these 5-minute chocolate truffles by Chocolate Covered Katie.