• Chelsey Plumlee

    I stopped by Lemongrass in Deep Ellum last night with a few girlfriends. The service was awesome (maybe because we were the only people there) and the food was fantastic. I arrived still full from a late lunch and wound up cleaning my plate (and sampling from everyone else’s). I hope the terrible construction on Elm doesn’t force them to close!

  • RiRi

    Do you miss the original Herrera’s in the tiny adobe house? Despair no more, you have a new place to go – and like Herrera’s it is worth the drive. RIO BRAVO at Alma and Legacy in Plano – near the SE corner. This place has so much charm and such magnificent food, I barely know where to begin. When I go out to eat, I actually expect the food to be good, so it takes a lot to get me in the mood to get on the computer and write a review about food that I already expect to be good. I ate so much I won’t be able to go to bed for hours, so here I am writing a review because hubby and I can’t stop talking about the food. Last Friday night we ate at another venue in the shopping center that supposedly had ‘awesome’ pizza. I’ve been looking for (and not finding) awesome pizza for 15 years since my favorite place went out. This place was not cheap and the pizza tasted like Red Baron left out too long. We decided to stroll around a bit and complain to ourselves about the pizza and we walked past this Mexican Food place, Rio Bravo (John Wayne anyone)? We stopped to take a peek in and a very nice man came out and started talking to us. He invited us to come in for a drink, but not in a pushy way. It felt like a friend inviting you into their home. He told us about Thursday night Romance night where they have musicians that will play romantic songs for you. We were much too stuffed with nasty pizza to entertain the thought of drinks, but he invited us to come again and this nice man really left an impression on us. So around rolls Friday night and the usual “where are we going to eat” and we remembered the nice man and that we told him we would come back and we decided to take a chance.

    From THE VERY FIRST BITE I was in love. The chips were hot and crispy and coarse – real chips, not like the bleached white ‘restaurant style’ tasteless tortilla chips you get most places. And the hot sauce was DIVINE. Hot, but not in an overpowering way, with so many hints of sublime spices. I told my husband that if the food was as good as the chips that I thought we might have finally found the ‘new Herrera’s” of which I have been dreaming.

    I had cheese enchiladas and hubby had beef. You know how so many beef enchiladas taste like ‘meat’ that they threw sauce on top of to make it taste like something? Yeah, that’s why I never get the beef. This beef tasted like real food. The beef itself had been superbly spiced. I could have eaten just the meat with a spoon and felt like I had a great meal.

    And the little touches – fabric softener in the napkins, the waitress wiping water spots off the silverware after it came out of the dry cycle, that if you order to go food and it includes Sopapillas, you have to wait a little longer when you arrive because they don’t start them until you get there. They care that your dessert isn’t cold and soggy when you get home. WHAT? Who does THAT any more?

    They are in a hard to see location, so let’s help these folks be successful in what is now my favorite Mexican Food place (Selfish much? Yeah.)
    1) Nice people, family owned
    2) Care about their customers
    3) Superb food
    4) Stout drinks
    5) Affordable prices
    6) Named after the beloved John Wayne
    7) Real Mexican food north of Downtown Dallas
    8) ‘Nuff said, get yourself there and bring all your friends. The drive is worth it.

    I can’t wait to try the fajitas and the tortilla soup. Hmmm, might see you there tomorrow night!

  • oldfoodguy

    I finally made it to Stackhouse on Gaston. I had heard great things about there burgers. Ordered single with fried egg and it was perfect. We also had the Prime Rib Sandwich the Sunday special and it was the best I have every had. I did not realize they offered so many things other than burgers. The carrot cake for dessert was incredible. Can’t wait to go back.

  • Salud

    Had a fabulous meal at Sundown at the Granada this week. Vegetarian chili was fantastic, full of veggies and very tasty. The quinoa stir fry was fantastic too. Fresh, tasty and healthy. Great menu!

  • Salud

    Also ate at Nora on Friday night. LOVE Nora. We had the pumpkin appetizer (I think it’s called Kadu) which has become one of my favorite foods. Unique taste, served with yogurt and meat sauce. Also the Qabili Palao is outstanding. The lamb was perfectly cooked and the unique seasonings make it hard to order anything different.