• Trace

    Out of town visitors motivated us to out on the town.

    Hibiscus — Embarrassing that I keep forgetting about this great place. From service to plates, this restaurant was just marvelous. I had the goat special (wonderful) and I tried a piece of steak (delicious). No one in our large group could find a quibble about the evening.

    Stampede 66 — A must for visitors from out of state. Food was varied and, in true Stephan Pyles tradition, flawless. The margarita (made at the table with LN2) was a show.

    GRIP — I’ve been searching for the best falafel sandwich in town. Afrah’s, Grand Café and Izmir Deli are all good. The one at GRIP (Preston Center) is fabulous. Hummus and baba ganoush are also terrific. Mob this health-focused offshoot of Ali Baba’s so it thrives and I won’t have to go back on the hunt.

  • Greg Brown

    We had a most incredible experience at Spoon last Sunday. With a party of six we were able to sample a wide range dishes. The thought and care in creating every dish was clearly evident. There were no favorites—every dish stood out splendidly on its own. Our server, Devora, was outstanding with her hospitality, recommendations and pacing of our courses. And last but certainly not least, the pastry chef created some beautiful works that transitioned seamlessly from the main courses. Spoon is one of the best restaurants in Dallas, if not Texas, if not the US. . . .

  • TLS

    New Year’s Eve dinner at Roy’s. It was alright. The service (hostesses, server – Paula, bussers and expediters) was really on the ball. They timed the 4-course meal perfectly. As for the food, the brussels sprouts salad was more of a side dish then a salad but tasted great. The ramen noodle soup was terrible, like watery peanut butter with large unidentifiable ingredients in it. The oysters Rockefeller was inedible to anyone with a normal sized mouth. Ginger Crème brûlée was the perfect consistency and texture. I have had much better food at Roy’s so I’m going to blame it on the NYE curse of too many people/limited menu/cooks who don’t want to be there.

  • VMan

    We were at Spoon on Saturday, with an out of town guest. Everything was perfect, the fennel parmesan salad was so light and refreshing, the scallops and risotto delicious, the pre dessert almost eclipsed the white album. And that is saying something. Great service. It may be the best restaurant in Dallas right now. Plus you can hold a conversation without having to yell.

  • Greg Brown

    After three bad NYE dinners over the last several years I have given up. In every instance the restaurant was ordinarily great but I believe the kitchen just gets swamped and quality declines rapidly. Perhaps for this one evening they could just cut back reservations 25% and provide a better experience.

  • alyb803

    I broke my new restaurant rule and went to Gemma for dinner the 2nd night they were open. We needn’t have worried–service was seamless, and perfectly in sync with the kitchen. Gemma is a welcome addition to Henderson Ave., with a quiet serenity that contrasts nicely with many of the other restaurants along that strip. The cool blues and greys evoke a New England feel that I later read was designed to be reminiscent of the Hamptons. Our server, Teresa, provided expert guidance through the menu. The cocktail program is creative, and well-executed. We ate light on Friday night, focusing on the appetizer portion of the menu. Our tartare duo (Waygu beef for my husband, Arctic Char for me) was light and refreshing, with creative accompaniments (e.g., persimmon for the char). We followed with a bok choy/kale salad that made my husband enjoy kale for the first time. For warm dishes, we tried the crispy sweetbreads and baked oysters, both outstanding. For dessert we split an apple/permission crepe that matched the lightness of the rest of the meal. We’ll be putting Gemma on our regular rotation.

  • JohnM

    We also ate at Gemma this week (Thursday)… Couldn’t agree with you more… Everything was fantastic! Servers very knowledgable, wine excellent, and food amazing! This is going to be one of my regulars, too!

  • Ann Gaspari

    I don’t know if this counts, but I spent my birthday dinner Saturday at ft33 and we sat at table 33. Had a great view of all the goings on. Food was wonderful. So much time spent on beautiful presentation, and it all tasted delicious. I had the wild boar and bread pudding for dessert. Service was excellent. Is really one of the best restaurants in town.

  • JonBattle

    Had lunch at Stampede 66 this week. Wonderful. Had the Passion-Chile Margarita a fabulous drink. Had chicken fried steak with a chorizo gravy – crispy and fresh. Wife had hangar steak. Wonderful. Topped,off with butterscotch pudding. I love this place.

  • Elements Boutique

    Completely panicking- just took a peek at Samar by Stephan Pyle’s Facebook page. It reads “Permanently Closed”?!? I know they were remodeling but I thought it was supposed to reopen in January? I know I’m being dramatic but I’ll be devestated if its gone for good.

  • Anne

    CBD Provisions is a beautiful restaurant with great food and service. Our server, Ivory, is one of the most pleasant and knowledgable servers I have ever encountered in Dallas. She knew e menu and the drink coositions and was prompt, friendly and, most importantly, right on with recommendations. Ndjua (or whatever the hell it is) pimento cheese toast is delightful. Creamy cheese with a bit of spice complemented with a lemony arugula. Get it. I had the pork and it was fabulous, great flavor and a nice portion. My date had the kale salad but it was a nice fresh take on it with sharp cheddar and yogurt. Great spot, great experience. Thank you. Ivory!

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