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Eat This Now: Egg Rolls at La Me in Richardson

Screw your New Year's resolution to eat healthy, and go for one of these. Or five.
La Me’s eggrolls (photo by Carol Shih)

Egg rolls: not my favorite thing about Asian cuisine. I never order them unless they’re really, really out-of-this-world good. The ones at La Me, though, meet this standard.

La Me is always busy, always teeming with people and bodies and movement. It’s located inside that confusing, Vietnamese strip mall area of Richardson. Across the street is Bistro B, which sells its famous egg rolls for a much lower price—4 for $1.00. Insane. Totally worth it, because they’ve got this flaky, crispy skin. And you can buy them in bulk.

But La Me’s are better. These are wrapped with rice paper, fried until they look pockmarked and burnt, making the skin super crackly and thin.  It melts in your mouth to make way for tender pork filling, carrot bits, green onion, and vermicelli inside.

Best of all, these egg rolls arrive hot as blazes. No sauce needed. Watch all five disappear in minutes. If you don’t like sharing, I suggest ordering more than one.