Six Restaurant Openings in Dallas That Get Us Excited About 2014

2013 was a great year, but this year is starting off even better.

It’s sad to say goodbye to 2013. ‘Twas a good year in Dallas dining.

We picked Dallas’ 100 best restaurants, our 10 favorite new restaurants, and (essentially) almost made Nancy work to death. I think she was sick for a good two or three months after those issues came out.

Well, it’s a new year. Cheers to good health, fewer doctors visits, and more reasons to eat out. Here are six of them, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of this post. We’re pretty excited about these restaurants openings in 2014.

Teiichi Sakurai
Teiichi Sakurai

1. Ten by Teiichi Sakurai

Opening date: sometime in March

Why it’s exciting: Not to brag on behalf of anyone or anything, but Teiichi Sakurai sure as heck knows how to make a good bowl of ramen. And we are counting down the days until his ramen shop, Ten, opens at Sylvan | Thirty. It’s going to be tiny, crowded, and authentically Japanese.

Location: 1818 Sylvan Ave.

2. AF+B in Fort Worth

Opening date: late January

Why it’s exciting: The same guys who did CBD Provisions are also opening up this American Tavern in Fort Worth. Consilient Hospitality always does things right. I mean, Jeff Harris left Bolsa to be the executive chef at this place. It’s gotta be good.

Location: 2869 Crockett St., Fort Worth, 76107. (817) 916-5300.

The Blind Butcher at 1919 Greenville Avenue. It sits to the left of the Truck Yard. (photography by Carol Shih)
The Blind Butcher at 1919 Greenville Avenue. It sits to the left of the Truck Yard. (photography by Carol Shih)

3. The Blind Butcher

Opening date: early 2014

Why it’s exciting: If you’re looking for a cool place to chill on Greenville Avenue, this is your shack. The Blind Butcher, an idea conceived by the owners of Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House, is actually a bar/restaurant with awesome beer choices, an outdoor patio that kills all other outdoor patios, and a menu made of meats cured in-house. It’s got a dark and moody vibe. Can’t wait ’til this debuts.

Location: 1919 Greenville Ave.

4. Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum

Opening date: summer 2014

Why it’s exciting: Pecan Lodge having its own restaurant space is an exciting thought. (Nancy wrote about the decision process here.) Goodbye, Shed 2. Goodbye, Dallas Farmers Market. There will be real tables and chairs and a line that hopefully doesn’t extend ’til Timbuktu. Besides, this gives Deep Ellum super street cred.

via Jon Stevens' Facebook page
via Jon Stevens’ Facebook page

5. Stock & Barrel

Opening date: early spring 2014

Why it’s exciting: Jon Stevens has been working hard on his first restaurant baby in Oak Cliff at the old Safety Glass Co. building. So far, the signage says it’s a “Kitchen Americana” for Stock & Barrel. I’m guessing that means it’s American food. Solid.

Location: 316 W. Davis St.

15 artisan chocolates by Kate Weiser (via Facebook)
15 artisan chocolates by Kate Weiser (via Facebook)

6. Kate Weiser Chocolates

Opening date: sometime in 2014

Why it’s exciting: Well. First of all, it’s chocolate. That’s pretty self-explanatory. But Kate Weiser also makes really, really, really fun and artsy creations (yes, we stalk her Facebook page like crazy) that make her chocolate shop sound like the girly version of Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Location: 3011 Gulden Lane, Ste. 115. (214) 326-6419.