Weather Food and Wine Pairing: McFarland Signature Cuisine in Dallas

Suck on this McFarland Signature.
Suck on this McFarland Signature.

Look outside your windows. See that Tiffany blue sky? It’s about to disappear and turn evil. My favorite Facebook (and Channel 8…(Hi Pete!)) meteorologist, Steve McCauley, says:

The Metroplex is going to be entombed in ice. And a full-blown McFarland Signature will follow dropping temperatures to levels we have not seen in years. I’ll be making new maps, although I don’t think they are going to look much different from the ones I have already posted. Folks…this is serious. I have never seen the Stat Method be so consistent for so many days in a row, but I will be thoroughly elated if it turns out to be consummately wrong! [ed. note: weather techno speak is HOT!]

What is a McFarland Signature? In short, it’s a blast of Artic air that causes your entire life to freeze. It’s worse than living a hundred winters in Oymyakon, Siberia or Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. McCauley’s full description and a map are are below. But let’s get to the most important aspect of this intense and dangerous icy hell: What food items must we stock up on for the weekend?

If I am a social media savvy restaurateur, I’m putting together take-out McFarland Signature Cuisine paired with wine. Like toasty big reds from Bordeaux or a lovely bottle of Hardy Perfection Fire Cognac. And chili. Or corn chowder. Or pot roast. Or just pot. I’m in a bit of a panic. Chefs, send us supplies!



macfarlandThis is a flow pattern which looks like a backwards “S” in the upper-level winds which effectively dislodges large areas of arctic air and sends them hurtling down into Texas. This will cause an extended cold snap which will have us below freezing for much (but not all) of the time from Thursday night through Tuesday of next week.

Sleet and freezing rain will be widespread across north Texas Thursday night into Friday morning. Then we catch a break before it all starts up again on Saturday afternoon into Sunday with another round of ice.

We are getting close to being able to call for specific ice accumulations, but it may be a moot point since a little bit of ice goes a long way, and we will likely pick up more than just a “little” right through the weekend.

This continues to look like a serious event for north Texas and the surrounding region. Take advantage of the temperatures in the 70s on Wednesday to prepare …it is going to be a L-O-N-G time before we see warmth like this again.