The Loon Must Move to a New Location in Dallas

The Loon, one of the most revered bars in Dallas, is looking for a new location.

The Loon prepares to fly.

According to a loyal Disher with a bod for gin and tonics and a brain for scoopage, The Loon, one of the most revered bars in Dallas, is looking for a new location. Why? The land the building sits on was sold to make way for a new CVS Pharmacy. A cursory Google search shows there are already 935 CVS locations in Dallas. Do we really need another? I could argue we would not need so many pharmacies if we had more bars like The Loon. A recent independent study conducted by a senior research analyst shows that stiff drinks and a friendly staff relieve the symptoms of a common cold better than Nyquil.

Dallas just lost an iconic bartender, Louis Canelakes, who learned his trade behind the bar at Joe Miller’s, the bar that preceded The Loon. Canelakes was a young, cocky bartender at Joe Miller’s until the death of Miller in 1985. Canelakes started his own place, Louie’s, and Joe Miller’s widow sold the business to the current owner, Cliff Gonzalez.

Where will Gonzales take The Loon? He has to be out of the building by March 31, 2014. Developing.

Update: Owner Cliff Gonzales just called. He has three or four options for a new location. He plans to stay in the same part of town. Gonzales promises one wingdinger of a going away party in March. Stay tuned.


  • ChefJordy

    CVS just lost a listener

  • Amanda Cobra

    because the walgreens at the corner of lemmon and mckinney is just way too far away for anyone who lives in the west village.

    • Bev Garvin

      EXACTLY! Why can’t people just have a shot of Jagermeister at the Loon when they have a cold?

  • JtB

    March 31, 2014, the day that the once proud Uptown officially becomes a craphole.

  • Justin Schmid

    A recent, independent study of this article, conducted by me, concluded that D Magazine either has a Senior Research Analyst named “shows”, or needs to hire a more senior editor.

  • lakewoodhobo

    Seriously, another lame CVS? That land is too valuable and should be used for housing or retail that people can walk to. I hope the City Plan Commission denies this request unless it’s part of a more urban development.

  • ChefJordy

    The existing Walgreens already pushed out the Stepladder Pub years ago. It’s the medical-pharma industrial complex conspiring against the drinker.

    • Michael Merriman

      Exactly. Gives drinks a chance!

  • amber

    They actually have it right. For you to have interpreted it as a research analyst named “shows,” it would have had to read: “A recent independent study conducted by senior research analyst, shows, stiff drinks…”

  • elauderdale

    I’ve been a Loon goer for about seven years now. Love the place; Cliff, the owner, is a good guy. Here is to hoping that he can find a great location to keep serving us those stiff cocktails.

  • Chickaboomboom

    As long as my Santa stocking hat will remain up this holiday season, fine. I wonder if that green corduroy couch will be put into some time capsule or museum? LOL.

  • Amy

    Noooooo…..I like The Loon just where it is! Seriously, another CVS?
    The only way I can support that is if they (CVS) is working out of the back of The Loon with some serious hangover remedy.

  • Amy

    Noooooo….I like The Loon just where it is! Seriously, another CVS?
    The only way I can support that is if they (CVS) is working out of the back room of The Loon dispensing some magical hangover remedy!

  • Matt

    I’m not sure that the Loon’s staff qualifies as “friendly.” “Gruff,” “short,” and “no-nonsense,” maybe…

  • Randy Wilson

    May CVS burn for this

  • Drunky McDrunkenstein

    It’s all good. I’d rather drink on Lowest Greenville these days anyways. Let’s leave Uptown to the McDouches.

  • Monty Busch

    Obamacare for you…

  • twinwillow

    Yeah, we need another CVS like we need another Chase bank.

  • SaveTheLoon

    Get your Save the Loon t-shirt today.

    • BradfordPearson

      Impecable design.

  • Zachary Maynard

    I would say this isn’t bad news. The loon is always shit packed. Probably best they find a newer, bigger place.

  • TheBean

    We’ll gladly accept all of the Uptown defectors in Lowest Greenville! Come on down, and bring The Loon with you!

    • downtownworker

      Or Deep Ellum

  • Bev Garvin

    EXACTLY! Why can’t people just shoot Jagermeister at the Loon instead?

  • Mitch Martin

    this is for you Loon fans!!! Its giong to be a CVS pharmacy!!! Uggggggg , like we need another one of those!!! Very sad!

  • Avery

    No kidding. Both there’s at least two large and open slots between the Nora and Daddy Jacks in Lower Greenville. As well, the old Studio One location off of Malcolm X in Deep Ellum is now up for grabs.

  • Reedy214

    “a bod for gin and tonics and a brain for scoopage” You just made my day. I was wrong when I thought Tim Rogers was the most hilarious person at D!

  • mrEmannE

    And so the re-gentrification of Uptown continues(as if it weren’t gentrified enough!). The addition of a CVS matters not at all compared to the loss of the Loon. Even if it stays in Uptown, it almost certainly will not be in a location as convenient, with as much parking, as it has now. I know, it’s not like Uptown has a shortage of watering holes. There are plenty of places to stop in and wet your whistle. New places are opening up all the time. The Rustic is an outstanding example. But most of these places are not of the “laid back” variety. Like Frankie’s, which we lost just recently, the Loon has a casual, almost unprepossessing atmosphere, conducive to making the place a “drop in anytime” kind of joint, as opposed to a “special occasion” type of establishment. The only other place in Uptown I can think of with the same vibe is the Quarter Bar. If that closes, the bar scene in Uptown will officially become “gentry”.

  • Gregory Walter

    There’s nowhere near 935 CVS’ in Dallas. Better check your facts, Observer!

  • Gregory Walter

    There’s nowhere near 935 CVS in Dallas. WTF

  • Gregory Walter

    There’s nowhere near 935 CVS stores in Dallas. There’s only 35. Close, though.

  • Gregory Walter

    There are not 935 CVS stores in Dallas. not even close

    • Marcus Cady

      Why does it matter? Honest reporting is not necessary with discussing The Loon. It’s like the White House discussing Obamacare’s success. I have many great memories from the current location, but hope for more at the new venue.

  • addisonbud

    I am SO SICK of this CVS/Walgreens across-the-street over-saturation marketing strategy.
    They carry the SAME PRODUCTS…why infest our neighborhood with this idiotic redundancy???

  • Gerald

    Where is B-RAD in this article? I like the loon because of him and MII. Cliff is an asshole.and should be glad he has good people watching the best bar in Dallas. D Magazine got it wrong B-RAD runs the door.