Some Chefs Don’t Like Weather Forecasters and Mot Hai Ba Puts Pho on Dinner Menu

Chefs do like meteorologists and their "shoddy weather predictions."

Chef Richard Chamberlain will buy me 50 pounds of bird food if it doesn't freeze this weekend.
Chef Richard Chamberlain will buy me 50 pounds of bird food if it doesn’t freeze this weekend.

Yesterday, I put forth the idea that social-media savvy restaurateurs could probably make money by offering McFarland Signature Cuisine, hearty take out food designed for lovers of fine food and wine who plan on an ice-entombment weekend. I know the Dallas mentality and, right or wrong, many will cancel restaurant reservations, raid the grocery store, and hunker down to watch five seasons of Breaking Bad. I thought restaurateurs could hedge their potential losses by offering them (me) a three-or-four meal package with wine pairings.

I floated the idea on my Facebook page and got some insightful and spirited responses. Bottom line: Chefs don’t like weather forecasters. Clips from the conversation are below. Good stuff. Buried in the conversation: Jeana Johnson of Mot Hai Ba says they are now serving pho on their dinner menu.

Weather Trivia: WFAA  meteorologist Steve McCauley told me the McFarland Signature weather event, which is my newest obsession, is named after Marshall J. McFarland, a former Texas A&M grad student who now resides in north Texas.  Apparently he “gets a kick out of being so famous.” Well, Marshall. Welcome to your close-up.

Jay Jerrier I’m just hoping we can be open…I mean being entombed in ice and all. We’ll come up with some kind of survival kit at Zoli’s. It reheats well.

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Marcus Bitting I am just packing a bag and going to Nancy’s for the weekend.

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Nancy Nichols Marcus, you are so welcome! We’ll feast!

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Karen Lukin Considering Pete and friends are also predicting possible/probable power outages, there will be no cooking or reheating for people with electric stoves and microwaves.

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Brian C. Luscher Ahhh, cosmopolitan Moosejaw. Just outside of Medicine Hat, south of Pink Eye.

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Nancy Nichols One day Brian C. Luscher I’ll tell you my Medicine Hat story.

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John Tesar Lets see the weather in other cities is like the next two days and in those cities people go out they celebrate the peace and mystery of winter .. Please stop buying 150 thousand dollar SUVs and staying home on cold nights .. And local news stations stop selling medical promo time and scaring people off with vague weather conditions

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Anne Clarrissimeaux What he said ^

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Jay Jerrier We’ve had pre-emptive reso cancelations for Saturday already. Thanks a lot Delkus.

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Matthew McCallister I am just going to over book the restaurant like crazy and see what happens… Should be fun

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Karen Lukin Yes, Matt, you can just tell people that the FT stands for Frozen Tundra.

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Matthew McCallister Ha Karen … I just hope it really happens cause I already told Jeff to over book like crazy and expect 60 cancelations .. It better freeze or we will have a shit show at Frozen Tundra on Friday and Saturday..

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Michael Davis and cafe momentum is this sunday  Also agree w/ John Tesar 100% .

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Nancy Nichols All I’m saying is backup plan is cash. Black ice is different from snowy winters. Hunker down mode is inevitable in Dallas. Use it.

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Jeana Johnson Lucky for us we are smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood and we have a beer and wine retail license. AND we added pho to the dinner menu. AND we are tasting our first batch of Bun Bo Hue right now. Soup, beer, wine, donuts….would that mean we have everything people need for cold weather from soup to nuts?

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Richard Chamberlain Agree with Tesar, Bad weather predictions, (similar to the one a week and a half ago that produced nothing), is sensational reporting to drive ratings and profit to news stations, costing restaurants and employees tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Certainly nothing to laugh at.

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John Tesar Live it’s only weather .. Unless its black ice go OUT drink, eat and celebrate Winter !

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Richard Chamberlain Agree, why cancel a christmas party based on a weatherman’s shoddy forecast.

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Mitch Kauffman Way to go Richard, John and Matt…..Never fold ! But don’t forget to feed the birds

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Richard Chamberlain Thanks Mitch, I will buy 50 pounds of birdseed for nancy if Pete is wrong (again). how late are pet stores open tonight?

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Nancy Nichols Richard Chamberlain you’ve got till Saturday afternoon. If they are right. I’m skating to your restaurant for steaks to go! Thanks for playing. FYI have you priced birdseed? Steak is cheaper. Next.

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