SideDish Survey: How Many Times a Week Do You Dine Out?

How Many Times a Week Do You Dine Out?

money_foodI overheard a conversation  in a doctor’s office on Walnut Hill and Center. It went something like this:

 Woman: Have you eaten at that breakfast place across the street? (Crossroads Diner)

Man: Oh, yes. I eat there at least four times a week.

 Woman: You eat breakfast out four times a week.

Man: Maybe more. My wife leaves home early.

 Woman: My husband doesn’t like to spend money in restaurants.

 Man: Well, my wife and I would starve. We eat almost every meal out.

I was about to butt in and ask the man where he ate, but he got called in to see the doctor. It was a brief, but interesting, encounter and it made me wonder how many times the average (not you, The Brad) dine out. And if you have your credit card bill handy, how much do you spend?


  • Greg Brown

    Do you have a polling feature to collect this data? That is kinda sensitive information.

  • cbs

    4 or 5 lunches
    2-3 dinners
    1-2 breakfast/brunches

    Wow. Did not realize it was that much…I think I just found my new year’s resolution.

  • Matt

    5-7 breakfasts, 5-7 lunches, 5-7 dinners every week. I’ve also done math on it, and for the most part I don’t save any money by going to the store, buying ingredients, and making food. Maybe what I make for myself is too complicated, but it’s cheaper for me to eat out. The biggest drawback is that it’s harder to eat healthy when you eat out almost every meal.

    • Nancy Nichols

      I can see that. and the healthy part is a big problem.

  • ThatSportsGirl

    I feel like it’s 4-8/times a week. It gets pricey but I feel like we can feast off the leftovers because the portions are so large. That’s where the real “cost” comes in: caloric cost.

  • Margie Hubbard

    I’m too lazy to pack a lunch or breakfast for work. So, I spend a about $75 a week on mediocre workday meals. We eat dinner out once or twice a week, normally spending $50-$75. Brunch almost every weekend at $50-75. That’s probably about it. That’s way too much money for two people to be spending on eating out, especially considering how much I spend on groceries. Thank God we don’t smoke! We’d have to get rid of one of the cars!

  • BurgerGirl

    Lunch on average 2x a week Mon-Fri by myself. Usually $10 to $20 each time.
    Dinner 2x a week but usually more expensive – probably $80 to $150 for 2 people, including tax, tip and wine. Breakfast never and brunch or weekend lunch (2 people) maybe 1x a week and usually around $50 to $80 together.

  • Marcus

    I go out to lunch 5 days a week, my wife probably goes 3. We dine out on average of 3 times a week and then cook at the house the other nights. I’ll grab something for breakfast a few times a week and we’ll generally have breakfast or lunch out on both saturday & sunday.

    My wife has a spreadsheet allocating every $ we’ve spent on restaurants and dining over the past 4 years, I don’t want to know what the totals are.

  • Matt

    Maybe why I’ve been to Crisp Salad over on Greenville 5(?) times since it opened less than a month ago? Good price, tasty food, pretty healthy (depending on what you get).

  • Dallas Foodie

    With so many great new restaurants, who doesn’t want to eat out and try the new places?? Lunch – Twice a week. Dinner about 2 to 3 times a week.

  • twohotpotatoes

    Lunch during the week: 5 times
    Dinner: 2-3 times
    Brunch: 2 times

    The quality of meals varies from pretty casual during the week (I eat the $3 tortilla soup from JusMex for lunch almost every day) and pizza for a weeknight dinner to one nicer meal on the weekend.

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  • Ldascha

    We average dinner out 2x a week, probably spend about $75-125 per outing for two (including drinks). More Byob would save us money, we do try those often.
    We almost never have breakfast out, maybe once a month; and lunch, maybe twice a week.

    I cook at home, shop a couple of times a week for fresh meats and veggies.

  • las

    I can happily recommend My Fit Foods and Simply Fit as a way to try to eat healthy without having to cook 7 days a week. Great breakfasts and lunches that microwave in under 2 minutes and are portion controlled takeout!

  • 50something

    Wow…..that’s A LOT of money spent on weekly meals out! My husband and I both work full time. Both of us take our lunch to work. We go out to dinner OR breakfast maybe once a week. When making dinners, we prepare at least four servings and freeze the other two portions for another dinner. We plan to retire early and travel (vs. spending our money eating out). In the past my husband volunteered to work with people who had credit problems….one of the big areas was eating out (people don’t realize how much they spend weekly…..and annually). It adds up quickly!

  • Cole Daugherty

    5-7 lunches and 3 dinners. I once added it up and then decided it’s better to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.