Restaurant Review: Shady’s Burger Joint in Richardson

Richardson gets a neighborhood burger spot worth a drive.

Shady’s bacon and barbecue burger. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

When the community of Canyon Creek in Richardson decided it wanted a local bar and grill, it got one. Six residents banded together and called local restaurant guru and consultant Larry Lavine. Nine months later, they birthed Shady’s Burger Joint in the II Creeks development on Custer Parkway. If you don’t have GPS, you might miss the turn into the strip mall; it’s covered with mature live oak trees. Burgers are the real deal. The thin patties are served on puffy challah buns, which, at first, appear to be too much of a good thing. I cut the top bun in half and was satisfied, but it wasn’t necessary. The texture of the bread is lighter than it looks. All of the dressings, save the ketchup, are made in the kitchen. Onion rings and fried pickles are lightly battered and served with homemade chipotle ranch dip. The fresh-cut fries deserve the attention of French fry snobs. Shady’s offers..