The tap (left); bourbon barrels (right)

Lakewood Brewing Co. Released its Bourbon Barrel Temptress During the Ice Storm

Some faithful frozen soldiers fought through the bad weather just for a taste of the nitro.

If Wim Bens’ green eyes don’t bring you to your knees, this year’s release of Lakewood Brewing Co.’s Bourbon Barrel Temptress certainly will. The beer elves have housed and cared for this batch for months, waiting for the right moment to release it upon us. Well, the time is now. Not only is this year’s version more than a whole percentage higher in alcohol at 10.2 percent, but it’s blended to absolute perfection. Between the spice and intensity of the bourbon notes is the milky-sweet-caramel-sexiness of the Temptress’s standard profile. On Saturday, during the ice storm, two versions were released: a standard CO2 version and the nitro version. Faithful frozen soldiers fought through the ice just for a taste of the nitro BBT, which was only available on Saturday.

Soon, the Bourbon Barrel Temptress will come to a store near you. More accurately, a very select few stores. They are bottling this handsome beast in 22-oz. bomber fashion. There are only 300 cases and I sold my soul for 75 of them, so you’re going to have to fight for the rest. Beer like this deserves your courage and respect. Be one.