• TLS

    I had a stupendous dining week because ’tis the season. Stephen Pyles, Oceanaire, Yao Fuzi, and DISH. The clear winner food-wise was DISH. I had the excellent cauliflower steak but I also tried many of my friends entrees and everything was top notch. Next time I’m getting the grilled beef tenderloin because that was outstanding. Yao Fuzi on Christmas Day had reservations for 450 and even more walk-ins and yet despite being slammed the food was as good as it always is. The Five Star Shrimp is the dish to get here. I really have nothing to say about Stephen Pyles or Oceanaire. I’ve had better experiences at both places but there weren’t any true negatives I can point out. Still good food and service but nothing worth mentioning. Maybe I drank too much.

    • no_really

      Really? No shade here, but I’m surprised DISH is still open. Went a few times over the past couple of years because I lived in the neighborhood. Never really had a great experience. Always suspected it was just the location that kept them in business.

    • twinwillow

      My son and I drove all the way there from Uptown arriving at Yao Fuzi at 8:30pm only to find a 90 minute wait.

      So, we decided instead to go to Royal Sichuan in Richardson. Sorry Royal Sichuan fans, we found the food mostly underwhelming.

  • Greg Brown

    Mughlai last night. Overall the food was good to very good. Why, oh why, is Indian Restaurant service so wretched? Apps? Quick. Drinks from the bar? Quick. Looooooong wait for main dishes that were really no more difficult than spooning into a bowl and sending out. Loooooong wait for the check, too. Even though the food was good I really have no interest in going back for an unnecessary long wait.

    • merrimanwines

      I never find service bad at all Indian restaurants, but ALWAYS at Mughlai. In fact, I have yet to receive a check at the table from them. I just go to the desk in front and wait. Then, don’t give them cash. If they have to make change, they will disappear for another 10 min while they go to get it. I keep going back because the food is so good.

  • TLS

    I make my Yao Fuzi reservations for Christmas Day in November. Remember that for next year!

  • Shannah

    While out exploring lesser-known hamlets in the metroplex, we stopped in Sanger to eat at the original Babe’s. It was a surprise to discover that Babe’s doesn’t open until 4:30 pm on weekdays – and that’s how we found ourselves at a nearby restaurant, Big Momma’s Catfish & Pies. Big Momma’s was easily one of the best homecooking restaurants I’ve eaten at in a long (long, long, long…) time. Everything our group ordered was delicious – perfectly fried catfish (better than what I’ve had in East Texas), chicken fried steak and grilled chicken. Both of the latter were as big as a dinner plate. They were accompanied by fresh cooked sides. But the pie – oh my, the pie. Both the chocolate and coconut cream were topped with heavenly meringue and both were slightly warm from the oven. I know I’m going on and on more than a simple “where did you eat” deserves, but honestly I’m still full from lunch yesterday and I think this little hole-in-the-wall deserves business from those of us who live south of Denton.

  • ldascha

    Central 214, had a dinner of appetizers. Scotch egg, roated brussel sprouts, peppers, and a margheita flatbread, with cocktails. Lovely, great, great service. Always is a great choice.

  • Anne

    The Mansion food is exceptional as always. Steak tartare tacos were beyond delicious and surprising. The celeriac soup was creamy and perfect and the duck l’orange was tender and rare with the perfect amount of orange flavor. Service was impeccable. What was weird is the waiters’ all black outfits. They look like waiters at a funeral. So unsophisticated. Also, there was a floor tile on my table that made no sense. It was a slate of some sort that was on the table. It didn’t match, it was hard edged and cold. It made no sense. Either put the table cloths on or don’t but for the love of God get rid of the floor tile on the tables.

  • Greg Brown

    That is so funny because that is just what we had to do! At least they are consistent in their service.

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