Chino Chinatown Set to Open in Trinity Groves in Dallas

Chino Chinatown will open in Trinity Groves on December 30.

Anthony Bourdain and Uno Immanivong (via Foodie Couture’s Facebook page)
Anthony Bourdain and Uno Immanivong (via Foodie Couture’s Facebook page)

The restaurants in Trinity Groves continue to pop open like the buttons on my shirt. Next girl up is Chef Uno Immanivong and her Latin-Asian fusion with (‘natch) craft cocktails. You remember Immanivong: she was a contestant on ABC’s The Taste. (If you don’t remember, Anthony Bourdain does. He obviously had the hots for her. I remember her from Pinky Chan Chinatown, her almost-deal with Mico Rodriguez)

Immanivong menu will feature “shared plates such as Cochinita Pibil Steam Buns (pickled radishes, candied peanuts), Duck Fat Fried Rice (shrimp, Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, sunny-side up egg) and Lobster Shooters (coconut, guajillo, Thai curry). Large dishes such as Phozole (hominy, bone marrow broth, oxtail) and Duck Breast (membrillo glaze, fried rice) are also included on the dinner menu. A late night menu will be offered with dishes ranging from $4-$9, as well as $6 cocktails.”

Guess who designed the cocktail menu? Nope, it was Jason Kosmas. And the bar will serve by-the-pitcher cocktails. Sharing is recommended but not required.

Opening date is December 30 for dinner and late-night Monday through Saturday. Sunday Dim Sum Brunch service will begin late January.