Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew in Dallas This Weekend

The ice storm may be a tiny problem, but that doesn't mean your weekend is entirely ruined.

Slow Food’s Holiday Cookie Swap is still on for Sunday. (via Facebook)

Well, Fair Park Holiday has been cancelled, and I’m pretty sure the rest of Dallas is on hiatus for now.

This ice storm is putting a kink in our weekend plans, isn’t it? But at least we have our internet and heaters. (To the 200,000 people out there without power, I feel for you. Stay warm. Hug other bodies.)

On that note—and because I know y’all are devastated not to go into work this morningI’ll leave you with this little nugget of Rachael Ray happiness: the best bacon-making recipe, ever. Read the comments. They’ll make you scream-laugh.

Without further ado, here’s what you can do this weekend.  Make it a fun one.


Watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother and Will and Grace until your TV brain explodes. Attempt to make ice snowmen with your kids. Drink hot cocoa.


Watch your food supply dwindle. Curse yourself for not picking up that extra jar of peanut butter for days like this, when there is absolutely nothing to eat.


Slow Food’s Holiday Cookie Swap and Open House is still happening December 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. The event’s free, it’s at Charlie and Katrina Tipton’s house, and you’re obligated to bring two dozen homemade cookies on a dish or tray. You’ll want to take a container there with you, too, so you can take cookies home. Bring a drink if you wish, or just drink the mulled cider that’s already there. Make friends, swap cookies, bring them home. Lucky you. RSVP right here. [Update 12/7/13: This event has been cancelled!]