The Blind Butcher on Greenville Avenue to Open ‘Sometime in 2013.’

The Blind Butcher at 1919 Greenville Avenue. It sits to the left of the Truck Yard. (photography by Carol Shih)

If you’re a frequent visitor of Trader Joe’s or the Truck Yard on Greenville Avenue, chances are you’ve seen a shady little building with a not-so-shady sign that says, “COMING SOON: BLIND BUTCHER.”

“What’s in there?” you wonder. “A butcher shop with a blind person? A creepy haunted house that runs year-round? Or, worse, one of those traps in scary movies where people who disappear are never seen again…”

Wrong. All wrong. It’s a restaurant.

The same guys who brought you Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House are bringing their laid-back/casual style to this part of Dallas. Matt Tobin, Josh Yingling, Ryan Chaney, and chef Oliver Sitrin have all buddy-buddied up for a project that will bring even more foot traffic to 1919 Greenville Avenue. If you thought this area was crowded enough, well, just wait until the Blind Butcher opens.

Boy band: Josh Yingling, Matt Tobin, Ryan Chaney, and Oliver Sitrin stand on the 2,100 square feet patio.

As construction continues on this bar-restaurant, Ryan Chaney shows me the bathrooms with sinks installed from the ’20s. “We’re trying to stay period with the building,” he says. “It’s a mix of Art Deco meets industrial.”

The place, which used to be Service Bar, has been completely patched up to look like the inside of a mysterious, secret hideaway. It’s dim and dark inside, and feels wickedly underground. “Everything is as authentic as can be,” says Chaney, as he points to original Art Deco lights from the ’30s.

Inspiration for the look comes from old mercantile stores. The back wall of the bar will look like the back wall of a general store, but it won’t be. The big meaty plans they have for this restaurant (house-cured meats, house-made sausages) don’t include an actual buy-it-here, pack-up-your-meats, and take-it-home component. Everything you buy, you have to eat inside the restaurant.

This shouldn’t be too hard of a rule to follow, given how [email protected]$$ the Blind Butcher’s patio will turn out. The 1,875-square-feet interior is smaller than the 2,100-square-feet patio. “It’s so big you can’t measure it,” Tobin kids, right after he’s given me the exact numbers. Everything that’s served indoors will be served outdoors. There are 24 different draft beers. 48 taps. Cocktails. “Lots of meat,” says Sitrin. It’s everything a beer-drinker, meat-eater could want in one location.

The guys won’t say when the Blind Butcher will be open, but they guarantee it’ll be ready before 2013’s over.

Too close for comfort: Oliver Sitrin and Josh Yingling climb into the case.
This old timey cash register gives off the general store-vibe.




  • Jeff Hayden

    Blind butcher sounds like a dangerous job.

    I hear the PC police is making them change the name to Seeing Impaired Butcher.

  • virginian

    renews my faith in the “scenester”. They’re not all vegans…yay!!!!

  • joeat

    @Jeff, that is so funny, but sadly so true!

  • Gabe

    When do they open.

  • Jeff Hayden

    Yay meat!

  • mrEmannE

    If the butcher is driving that truck he must be blind!