Taste Test Thursday: Sweet Potato Tortilla Crisps


You’re standing in a grocery store aisle, searching for potato chips like the fatty you are, and your eyes lock dead with a bag of sweet potato tortilla chips.

Holy mother of fall, where have these snacks been all my life?

Forget you, plain potato nothings. I’m moving on to sweet potato tortilla chips. That’s right, my love is easily transferrable.

Okay. So if you haven’t tried them before, sweet potato tortilla chips are the bombdiggiest thing on this planet. If you ask me to explain why, I might as well tell you that the sky is blue and there’s nothing you can do about it. It is what it is.

There’s nothing better than heralding this cold weather with a bag of crispy, salty relics of sweet potatoes and a bowl of salsa. Add a cup of green tea + Game of Thrones to that mix, and you’ve got it made. Gosh. Life is good.

Check out how these four chip brands fared in our taste test this week.


A. Field Day Natural’s sweet potato tortilla chips / non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and “made with organic stoneground corn flour and organic sweet potato”
B. Way Better Snacks’ “sweeet” potato tortilla chips /  non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and “every serving has over 190mg of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids”
C. Sprouts’ sweet potato tortilla chips with cinnamon and agave
D. Late July’s sweet potato snack chips


We had a few newcomers this week, like Laura Byrom and Kate Crouse. Welcome to the taste testing team.




  • “There’s a good lightness and saltiness there. More like a regular potato chip.”
  • “Like a sweet potato Dorito”
  • “Bland. Great for exciting dip. Very sturdy.”
  • “Low on sweet potato flavor.”
  • “Tastes like they’ve been in your pantry for a month. Old tortilla chips.”





  • “Tastes grainy. Like it has health stuff in it.”
  • “Mealy, flat, little salt”
  • “Too salty”
  • “Tasty because of all the flax seeds. Overpowers the sweet potato flavor, though.”
  • “Good, more earthy tasting.”





  • “Oh! This one is sweet instead of salty. Strong cinnamon flavor.”
  • “Sweet like pumpkin pie.”
  • “I could dip that into some Nutella and call it a day.”
  • “Cinnamon pinch nice balance against salt. Okay crunch.”





  • “Very salty. Tastes more like tortilla chip to me. Great crispiness.”
  • “Great crunch, good salt. Little potato flavor. Might as well be regular tortilla chip.”
  • “Might as well be corn.”
  • “A little like cardboard.”
  • “Great chip, but again not sweet potato-y. Really like it, though.”



5 votes for (A) Field Day Natural
2 votes for (C) Sprouts’ tortilla chips with cinnamon and agave
2 votes for (D) Late July
1 vote for (B) Way Better Snacks



I was all for seeing (B) Way Better Snacks win, because I’ll get behind a tortilla chip made with chia seeds and quinoa (QUINOA!) any day. If you prefer your tortilla chips thin and ultra-crispy (like Xochitl chips), then I think you’d fall in love with these totally way better snacks.

Sprouts’ sweet potato tortilla chips with cinnamon and agave are perfect party snacks. They’re sweet (and you can eat them plain), but they’re also salty and salsa-friendly.

But, alas, Field Day Natural won. They’re beautifully triangular-shaped, I’ll give you that. And low on sodium. But boring. Great for salsa-dipping. They make excellent vessels. I think these earned the most votes because they taste the most like sweet potatoes—which, I guess, is important in a sweet potato tortilla chip contest.