Restaurant Review: Trufire Kitchen & Bar in Southlake

TruFire’s seared ahi tuna salad. (Photography by Kevin Marple)
TruFire’s seared ahi tuna salad. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

When I dine out with my family in Colleyville, we struggle to find a restaurant that fits all of our wacky requirements. There is the grumpy daddy who doesn’t like to pay for fine dining, a gluten-free daughter, a text-addict teenager, a 5-year-old boy who demands pepperoni on everything, and my sister, who rarely receives royal treatment at the table. On this evening, we entered the slick, sophisticated establishment and slid into a large booth. Two hours later, we emerged satiated. Our gluten-free gal was handed her own menu with 20 options. The feast for the finicky included a stellar falafel and hummus platter; inventive charred artichokes lightly bathed in garlic butter and breadcrumbs; pepperoni pizza on whole-wheat dough (kid’s size for $4); and a marvelous salad of organic greens, peppered sweet Texas pecans, blue cheese, and pears tossed in fig-based dressing. The iPhone was replaced by a plate of Italian sausage, shrimp, and rigatoni covered scarcely, in a good way, with prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic cream sauce. Continue reading.



  • Gipson

    Assuming this location is every bit as good as the Frisco location, then TruFire will never disappoint. Favorites include the caprese salad (best pesto on Earth), the ridiculously generous avocado salad, the sweet potato fries app, the TruMac and the best thing on the menu: the chicken parmigiana. Pounded incredulously thin, the cutlet is huge, well seasoned and finished with cheese baked right into the crispy crust. Then, mercy of mercies, they actually DON’T bathe the thing in tomato sauce. They plate it up nice and crisp … more chicken schnitzel than chicken parmigiana, and I mean that in the best possible way. This dish is glorious. I’ve never spoken to a first-timer who wasn’t blown away.

    The pizzas are very good as well if that’s really what you want, but in a town with Urban Crust, Fireside Pies and Cane Rosso, I’d rather go for TruFire’s more signature offerings.