Meat Fight Raises $50,000 For National MS Society

CAPTION CONTEST!! Brian Luscher photographed by Nicholas-McWhirter.
CAPTION CONTEST!! Brian Luscher photographed by Nicholas McWhirter.

Dallas Observer columnist, mother, wife, and carnivore, Alice Laussade, and her husband, Mike, hosted their first version of Meatfight several years ago in their backyard. Sunday, their third installment of the event that pits teams of chefs against each other in a quest to smoke, grill, or braise the best brisket, ribs, sausage, or salmon, raised $50,000 for National MS Society. The sold-out event took place at Four Corners Brewery in Trinity Groves and everybody who is anybody was there. I only know because Laussade sent me a Dropbox link to 300 photographs.

The participating chefs and team members are listed below. Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman was a celebrity judge along with The BBQ Snob (Daniel Vaughn), The BBQ Sage (Jack Perkins), The BBQ Sloth (Will Fleischman), the BBQ Stud (Tim Byres), and The BBQ Star (Justin Fourton), just to name a few.

The weiners, I mean winners:

Brisket: Brian C. Luscher

Ribs: Cody Sharp

Sausage: Nathan Tate

Wild Card (Salmon): Tiffany Derry

Team Winner: Notorious P.I.G. (captained by Derry)

“Nick Offerman judged a beard competition for us, and he picked up some meat tongs to comb through people’s beards,” Laussade says. “I have a video of him talking about the item he donated to the auction, if you’re interested in that. Quality’s not great, but he does mention his three testicles.” Other highlights and a few pictures below. 

Copycat pig. Photo by Robert Strickland.
Nice. Photo by Robert Strickland.
MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_063
Dead cow. Photo by Robert Strickland.
MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_089
Gross. Photo by Robert Strickland.
MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_049
Three balls and a baby. Photo by Nicholas McWhirter.
Cheesy trophies. Photo by Robert Strickland.


Dallas Alice Laussaud and LSD-laden frozen treat. Photo by Robert Strickland.
Dallas Alice Laussaud and LSD-laden frozen treat. Photo by Robert Strickland.
Photo by Robert Strickland
Photo by Robert Strickland.
Photo by Robert Strickland.

Chad Houser crawled inside a hot smoker at one point, as it was malfunctioning.

A guy showed up in a Super Pig costume because I dared him to on Twitter the night before the party. The spandex was more real in person than I had ever thought it could be.

And we made trading cards of each of the fighting chefs. Brian C. Luscher attached.


Brian C. Luscher, Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots (brisket)
Jeana Johnson, Mot Hai Ba
Jeff Bekavac, Neighborhood Services
Omar Flores, Driftwood

Cool Arrows
Chad Houser, Cafe Momentum
David Uygur, Lucia
Jeffery C. Hobbs
Anastacia Quinones, Komali

Notorious P.I.G. (winning team)
Tiffany Derry, (smoked salmon)
Nathan Tate, Boulevardier (sausage)
Eric Dreyer, Fearing’s
Cody Sharp, Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse (ribs)


  • Jon Alexis

    every single salmon was awesome.

    Omar’s was a kimchi/fish sauce glaze. I hear he knows his way around seafood.

    Jeffrey did sugar/salt wet brine and cold smoked 90 min with hickory & apple, spread mayo over the skin then crisped the salmon skin (super creative, never seen crispy skin smoked salmon before).

    TIffany did a dry rub of korean chiles, cumin, paprika and salt, then basted with a “white bbq sauce” and served with fresh picked vegetables. A deserving winner among 3 great submissions.

  • Swanson’s 4th testicle

    Nick said it best on his ballot: “Fish is bulls***.”

  • MrsRib

    This looks so fun. really like this. good work all.

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