• robbiegood

    well he looks just like The Dude so…

  • peanutbutter

    but he acts like an a**

  • BillyBob

    Bad Ass

  • Greg Brown


  • MrsRib

    Big Boner

  • MrsRib

    Big Boner

  • critic


  • Wordy

    Motorbone McBeardgrumples.

  • JtB

    Burgers, BBQ… How ’bout, “Captain Stuckey’s”

  • btc

    “The Burmudgeon.” Half burger, half curmudgeon.

  • Chris

    Jack “The Meat Faucet” Perkins because he is known for his work with cooking meat and he is always running his mouth like a faucet.

  • Thunder_Butt

    Grumpy McMotorbone FTW

  • Antics
  • Kym Donachie

    Handsome Jack ; )

  • emilinedbp157

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  • TheGuy

    The Perkinator. I hear he’s got the “F. Y., As—ole” line down pretty pat.

  • Milo

    El Culo.

  • Avid Reader

    “I see you big Beardman! Perk for the win with his greasy burgers.”

  • Iman

    Asshole seems to be a common thread.

  • Brad

    Jack “Burnt Ends” Perkins???

  • Farmette

    Sweetie Pie

  • Jack Perkins

    I’m actually not grumpy. It just seems that way if you’re a pussy.

  • Tobe

    Chicken d^ck

  • twinwillow

    S-P-A-M Please go dissolve yourself and your jobs69 in a vat of acid.

  • twinwillow

    He da man!

  • Melster

    How about Motor Bone?

  • David_Denney

    Wagons East!

  • TheBradsBlog


  • Scagnetti

    The Gobbledycook or the Schnook Cook

  • JW68

    Bonz MaMo.

  • Jack Perkins

    Tobe, Chris and Scagnetti could call me Dad, but the truth is, it could have been any of us. Kym, you can call me whenever.

  • Jeff Hayden

    If it’s so great how come you haven’t joined Dan?

  • Donna Juren

    “Soft Serve”. Full of air, melts quickly, but can taste so good.

  • Donna Juren

    “Soft Serve”. Full of air, melts quickly, but tastes so good

  • twohotpotatoes

    He is so obviously “The Dude”

  • PBJ