Former French Room Chef, Jean Banchet, Passed Away

Kevin Garvin, Vice President of Food Services at Neiman Marcus, sends this note.

 Hi Nancy, Another great chef from Chicago passed away last night, Jean Banchet. You may know that Jean was the consulting chef at the French Room from the day it reopened in the early 80’s until about 1994. Once a month Jean would fly down to Dallas after a busy Saturday night at his restaurant, Le Francais, to consult with me and our chef’s in the French Room ( Phillipe Mouton and Daniel Bezol). My wife Jody, the Food and Beverage Director at the Adolphus, and I would have dinner with Jean as we tasted his newest dishes straight from his Chicago restaurant that were now on the French Room Pri fix for the week. Jean was from Lyon, retired in Florida having fun with other retired French Chef’s.I know other chef’s here in Dallas would want to know about Jean’s passing away. Jean is survived by his wife Doris and his beloved dogs. Thanks.

Banchet was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer just a month ago. He was 70.