Food Feedback Friday

Happy Friday! Where did you spend your calories this week?  Tell us the good, bad, and the downright rotten. Last week, you filed reports on Le Bilboquet, Nonna, Louie’s, and Mexican Spice.


  • twinwillow

    Recently, a new Beck’s Prime opened near me on Oak Lawn in Highland Park. The food there is so good that I’ve been there three times in the last 10 days. A freshly made flame grilled half pound cheeseburger on a brioche style egg bun must have actually weighed closer to 3/4 pound! And, cooked exactly the way I like. Medium Rare.
    I swear the cheeseburger with 2-3 slices of cheddar and all the trimmings stood at least 5″ tall on my plate.
    It was one of those burgers you might see on Triple D where Guy Fieri has to “unhinge” his jaw to take the first bite.

    Also fantastic one day was a fresh Garden Salad loaded with fresh lettuces, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, shredded cheddar, etc. And, a PERFECTLY cooked (no green around the yolk) hard boiled egg cut in quarters.
    With their freshly made lite Italian dressing, nothing else was needed for a delicious low calorie lunch.

    A friend joined me for lunch one day and had the Ahi tuna sandwich. The tuna was cooked rare as specified and my friend totally enjoyed it. Along with sharing my order of delicious sweet potato fries. The best yet in Dallas!

    This is a genuine five star fast food restaurant that’s more like delicious food served fast rather than being “fast food”.

    You order counter style and then given one of those beeping gizmos for when your order is ready. If they’re not terribly busy at the time, a cheerful staff member will deliver your food order to you.

    I’m so glad they’re close to my home! I’m for sure going to be a regular.

  • TM4

    Miss Chi in Preston Center. Wow. Really like the space, staff is well trained working well together, and food is out of the park. Been several times and tried lots (various spring rolls, shaken beef, vermicelli bowl, and the Pho, wow the Pho). Really, really good. Congratulations on a great opening!

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