Eat This Now: Scrambled Eggs With White Truffles at Nonna

trufflesI apologize for the poor picture of chef Julian Barsotti’s delicious soft scrambled eggs served on fonduta valdostana and topped with white truffles. It wasn’t much to look at and the texture resembled baby food, but the earthy, buttery, and nutty combination of flavors left me feeling giddy. Please call ahead to make sure it is on the menu. You can thank me anytime.


  • Gipson

    They should consider a shallow bowl instead of a plate. It won’t make it beautiful or anything, but sheesh.

  • Jeff Hayden

    That picture can only hurt their sales.

    • LouieBayet

      I had that dish Friday. You are right it isn’t pretty and the picture doesn’t help but it is heaven simply heaven. So surprised to see this.

  • Michael Merriman

    It does look a little like cat barf, but can only be delicious. Italian Chardonnay with it?

  • Trendy

    It was absolutely amazing. So happy for truffle season