Casa Rubia Opens Today at Trinity Groves

casarubiaWho is ready for the comeback of paella? Starting tonight at 5pm you can get a taste chef Omar Flores’ version at Casa Rubia. The Spanish tapas restaurant in Trinity Groves is a collaboration of Jonn Baudoin and Flores, the team behind the successful Driftwood in Oak Cliff. The menu will focus on their “spin on classic Catalonia tapas.” The wine list is Spanish and will include a large selection of sherries.



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  • Zachary Maynard

    I ate here on opening night and the food was wonderful. As expected from Omar Flores.

  • Rebecca

    Saturday night, March 1, I was invited to join a party of four to Casa Rubia, at Trinity Groves. We had reservations for 9:00 pm. We were early so sat outside in their patio area. We informed our host that we needed to change our table from four to five. The host informed us that he would try to accommodate.
    My party ordered cocktails. I asked if they had fresh squeezed grapefruits; yes they did. Some twenty minutes later, I tasted my Kettle One and grapefruit juice. It was not freshly squeezed and certainly had a different taste. I informed my waiter. He in turn asked the bartender what was in my drink. The bartender said she added triple sec to the vodka and juice. I did not want triple sec with my called drink. The drink goes back. Another twenty minutes goes by and I finally receive the correct drink. We ordered appetizers and another round of cocktails. This time, once more, I received the wrong drink. The restaurant was busy, so our service was way below average. (Poor excuse for poor service) Twenty more minutes goes by. I then think it wise to switch drinks all together and opt for something easy. Sangria, please. Much time passes again, only to learn that they had to make more sangria. I wait again. I’m a patient person, but this was frustrating to say the least. Meanwhile, we have ordered our entrees. the black cod came first. We still do not have any silverware or napkins or plates. (Had to request for those three times!) The cod sits in the middle of the table for a good twenty more minutes. It is cold by the time some took a bite. I did not want to try the cold fish. Upon delivering the cod, we learned that they were out of three entrees we ordered; we had to order once more. We are finally presented with our entrees, and incredibly enough, the shrimp our waiter claimed they ran out of, appeared!
    Recap: The service was extremely poor. There is a different menu for the inside diners and the outside diners. (Even if you have reservations like we did) The bartender does not prepare your called drink and is also unprepared (out of sangria). The food was far from ok. I will not return and would never recommend this restaurant.
    How embarrassing for Dallas, should this restaurant actually receive an award. I find it unfathomable that Dallas food critics happily report this restaurant is up for possible James Beard Award. I find this insane that Casa Rubia even be considered for any type of nomination at all. I have never questioned prices at a restaurant, but I loathe paying for a miserable dining experience.
    In closing, I have never written a post or email about a restaurant in my life. I have however, had the pleasure of dining in some very nice restaurants and do know what I am talking about. I would like to know how a well known chef as Omar Flores, be so ill prepared on a busy Saturday night. It’s Dallas. If you can’t handle a Saturday night, you shouldn’t be in the business.