The Best Blueberry Muffins in Dallas

Corner Market's blueberry muffin (photography by Matthew Shelley)
Corner Market’s blueberry muffin (photography by Matthew Shelley)

Ever since I was a small child with an extra-large head, I’ve always loved muffins. In the chilly months of fall and winter, a fluffy muffin is a comforting accompaniment to a cup of coffee, hot tea, or a fresh, tall glass of orange juice. It’s filling, delicious, and makes the perfect sidekick to almost any meal. I love mini-muffins, monster-muffins, and average-sized muffins. No discrimination here. My tastebuds love all muffin tops equally, so I decided to track down the very best this city has to offer. I am sure there will be moaning and verbal bashing to follow, but I stand by these choices. Bring it.

(A note before I proceed with the list: I almost consider the top two a tie for first; they are just that damn good. All other muffins bow before them.)

Bolsa Mercado's blueberry muffin
Bolsa Mercado’s blueberry muffin

1. Bolsa Mercado – Blueberry Muffin

This is the king of muffins. The balanced texture, rich blueberry flavor, and exquisitely understated toppings make this a solid proclamation. It’s fresh, bold, and has just the right amount of crunch. With the crispy oats and sliced nuts on top, there is so much going on in this muffin yet it’s still got that pure blueberry muffin essence in its sexiest form. The center is supple without losing its lightness, and—let’s be honest—someone’s soul was definitely sold to create such a fantastic baked good.

Rush Patisserie's muffin top
Rush Patisserie’s muffin top

2. Rush Patisserie – Blueberry Muffin

From the first whiff of these muffins, you get a rush of blueberry lifting your mind into an entrancing array of sights and magical waves of delight. They have a crunchy exterior, accentuated by just the right amount of sugar crystals on top, protecting all the perfect baked muffin inside. And once you get in there, it only gets better. The blueberry is bold and even throughout. These muffins are perfectly dense and soft, and you can taste the love and calculation of  beauty that went into baking these hot little love-makers. I picked this one up from The Alcove, so leave work now and hope they aren’t already gone.

Central Market's muffins
Central Market’s muffins

3. Central Market – Very Blueberry Muffins

Central Market can bake anything, and they usually do it better than everyone else. Their tortillas, loaves, and muffins are top-tier beauties. These very blueberry muffins are no exception. They have just the right amount of sweetness and crunch in the crust. They’re loaded with blueberries and not too filling. They come in perfectly portioned four packs or just singles. I would suggest not taking the four pack into your bed while watching The Notebook. Let’s just say you might need to see a doctor afterwards and not even your cat will get in the bed anymore. I think I went too far on that one. Muffins get me all wiggity in my brain, so please excuse the tomfoolery.

Mudsmith's muffin
Mudsmith’s muffin

4. Mudsmith – Blueberry Muffin

This muffin is absolute serenity. It has a slightly thin crisp around the poofy top, which contrasts well with the dense, bright blueberry-flavored inside. It’s a size-able muffin, as well, and suited well for all that this glorious establishment serves.

Corner Market's muffin
Corner Market’s muffin

5. Corner Market – Blueberry Muffin

These big boys come in at around 7 lbs. That’s not true, but these muffins are large and made daily in-house (which is actually the case with all of these muffins). There is a solid blueberry essence to the flavor, no doubt from the obvious and generous portion of blueberries inside. These are also a little gooey, but not sticky and balanced with plenty of baked floury goodness.

Honorable Mention: Jonathon’s Oak Cliff – Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffin

Jonathan’s muffins change out rather frequently, so whether or not you’ll find a blueberry muffin on your visit is up to chance. I consider this muffin a dessert muffin. It’s intensely dense, rich, and rather gooey. Perhaps a few more minutes in the oven would suit some, but I know plenty of folks who indulge in the sumptuous goo that comes from the slight undercooking, and when you add the cream cheese to the mix, it becomes an exercise in restraint. They are very sweet (too sweet for me), and I could only eat one.

Muffins that don’t deserve honorable mentions: Empire Baking Co. and JD’s Chippery. These sucked major bojangles.


  • Jeff Hayden

    A muffin can be very filling.

  • conservexx

    Central Market uses the cheap & destructive partially hydrogenated oil in everything they bake! I wouldnt revere them for anything.

  • mateoshelley

    I’m all with you on the hydrogenated-oil-hater-parade. Hopefully, no one uses the muffins for sustenance, so i think its OK to indulge every once in a while. Thanks for the input though… and for making me a little sad.

  • Carol Shih

    Love these photos, Matt.

  • mateoshelley

    thanks, boss.

  • Jojo

    May I also suggest the Snooty Pig. They make great muffins and they are low fat..

  • Marcos Pineda

    my brother makes the blueberry muffins from bolsa.

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  • Teia Collier

    Now if they would only deliver… but it’s totally worth a drive.

  • Teia Collier

    Now if only they delivered…. but it might be worth a drive 🙂