Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Bowl of Chili in Dallas

Tolbert's classic bowl of red. At Tolbert’s you can get your chili with beans or without. (Photography by Kevin  Marple)
Tolbert’s classic bowl of red. At Tolbert’s you can get your chili with beans or without.
(Photography by Kevin Marple)

Here is a cry for help that comes every year with the change of the season. The temperature drops, leaves turn a little, it drizzles on and off all day and people think chili. Here’s the first call:

Hi Nancy! I am looking for some great chili. I searched your site and found an old story about it but I wanted to check and see if there are any new places that serve real chili. I have been to Tolbert’s. I work downtown but l will go anywhere on the weekends. Can you ask your readers to chime in? Thanks!


  • Phil Burk

    Bob’s Steak House (maybe only available at the bar). Try it on a cold dreary night with a Martini and their crusty bread.

  • Randy Watson

    Try the chili at Haystack Burgers in Richardson. This is a new, really good burger joint, but they offer a cup of chili with tortilla chips as an appetizer.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Rodeo Goat in the (817) has a great brisket chili on their appetizer menu.

  • Triumph

    Ghost pepper chili at Holy Grail Pub in Plano. Fairly spicy, but fortunately they have a good beer selection to douse the flames.

    • Gipson


      Was going to say the same.

  • The Glut Life

    The ‘Bowl of Red’ with the Mexican Cornbread at Stampede 66 is pretty much 100% LEGIT

  • txmuzik

    AllGood Cafe’s “Formula One Racing Team Terlingua Pride”. Au-then-tic.

  • Brandon

    Chapman’s Chili was my favorite until they closed their little East Dallas place. Now Maple & Motor is my favorite by far.

  • MrsT

    Turkey chili at Neimans downtown.

    • katie

      I second MrsT’s rec – i think downtown is a white bean chicken chili, and the turkey chili at Mermaid in Neiman’s Northpark is phenomenal.

  • Cole Daugherty

    Several years ago I attempted to find an authentic bowl of Texas chili: no beans, no extras, just good chili the way Dad and Grandad used to make it. It was a heartbreaking journey through mediocrity and disappointment. A few standouts: All Good Cafe and Holy Grail.

  • cb foodie

    Lawry’s has a good prime rib chili at lunch weekdays and on their bar menu.

  • JW68

    Windmill Lounge!

  • chs

    Max’s Wine Dive has an excellent Chili. So does Stackhouse Burgers.

    And remember kids, if it’s with beans, it ain’t Chili in the state of Texas.

  • Amy

    Love and war in Texas had some pretty chili and they serve it with a sweet cornbread in the shape of Texas!

  • Tina B

    Jen’s Place on Alpha Road Between Welch and Midway – Lunch Only (Breakfast too but not usually with Chili). Best Chili and she’ll make it a Frito Chili pie or dowse a bake potato with it. And don’t forget desserts!

  • Anonymous

    I’d still say Tolbert’s

  • Shanna Harris

    The white bean chili is to die for!

  • John Scott

    ellen’s southern kitchen in downtown dallas.

  • Hunter

    Chili’s (yes, the Dallas based chain) & Tolbert’s still have a great bowl of red for those cold wet days.