Restaurant Review: Battuto Italian Kitchen in North Dallas

Battuto owners Gene and Julie Gates (Photography by Kevin Marple)
Battuto owners Gene and Julie Gates
(Photography by Kevin Marple)

The northwest corner of Frankford and Preston Road just got a little snazzier. In the space that recently housed Grover’s Grill & Bar, there now stands Battuto Italian Kitchen, a sleek Italian-American restaurant owned and operated by former radio personalities Julie and Gene Gates. They are more than just window dressing: the couple is hands-on and devoted to fresh, local, and seasonal products. The menu offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and boasts handmade pastas, pizzas, vegetable purée soups, fresh seafood, and Italian specialties. Two of us split a salad and an 8-inch pizza covered with medium-rare filet mignon, fresh figs, caramelized onions, and Gorgonzola, and we each had a glass of wine. We got out for just a little more than $40. A few evenings later…

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  • Cole Daugherty

    Please check the “More here” link…I’m getting an error message.

  • Tish

    I couldn’t read the full review because of the “More here” link error…but I wanted to chime in on the restaurant. I have been there twice and each time the food has been excellent. The place; however, was completely empty during what should be the heavy lunch rush. I had incredible service on my first visit and less than stellar service the second time around (which is always inexcusable…all the more worse when we were one of only two occupied tables). Really hope they can build up their business since the food is great and Gene seemed like a really nice person and committed to the restaurant’s success when I spoke to him.

  • Carol Shih

    It’s fixed now. Thanks.

  • Mona M. Carpenter

    This is the best hidden gem in North Dallas. This is one of the top authentic Italian restaurants in town. Great place for a business lunch or just meet a group of friends. Perfect date night restaurant too. The food is all homemade and every bite delicious. If you haven’t tried it you are really missing a GREAT spot.

  • TheBradsBlog

    Why no mention of Exec. Chef Joel Harloff?!

  • Justin

    My wife and I live just a few blocks up the street, and “our” neighborhood really needs a restaurant like this one. We too, have experienced less than perfect service at Battuto, but the food and ambiance were more than spot on. We LOVED their charcuterie offerings as well as the mushroom pie and awesome take on Tiramisu! Congratulations to Gene & Julie. With some service polishing, you have a(nother) HIT on your hands!

  • Neighbor

    We went during the opening week and the service was horrible. The food was inconsistent and though we didn’t order a lot of food or wine, our bill was $100. The gelato was expensive. Overall, not impressed. Have not been back.

    • cobbler07

      Try not to judge a restaurant by their opening week! Running a restaurant is not an easy operation and it takes time to get the kinks out both in the front of the house and in the kitchen. If you saw even a glimmer of hope in their food, atmosphere, or service, you should give them another chance once they’ve had the place up and running for a few months!

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