October 21 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas and Ft. Worth


Highlight Food Trailer of the Week: Trailercakes

Trailercakes is owned by co-founders Heather Zidell and Leora Lesh.  They bought a misfit Airstream off of Ebay in mid-2010 that was sitting in the middle of a field in Ohio and named it “Bubbles”.  They had it shipped via a flatbed back to Dallas where their builder suggested to them to call it a loss.  They persevered and managed to get Bubbles rolling in early 2011.  Unfortunately, that was in the early era of food trucks/trailers in Dallas, where only a very specific model of food truck was allowed.  Dallas has loosened the regulations on food trucks, but still do not allow trailers.  Zidell and Lesh turned their Richardson commercial kitchen into a storefront for a short period, and ran Bubbles out to specially permitted events.  In November 2012, the girls opened up their public storefront at the intersection of Knox and Central.

You’ll be happy with pretty much any mini-cupcake from Trailercakes.  My favorite is the Slap Your Mama chocolate, but others find happiness in the PB&J or Hitched.

Moving on to news for the week, the biggest event is the Fall 2013 Texas Food Truckin’ Festival at Rangers Ballpark.  This event kicked off last year, and was a success: not so many people as to be overcrowded and enough trucks to sample a huge array.  Pricing ranges from $6 for kids to $15 for an adult full-weekend pass with one-day tickets in between.  Here’s the truck list.

Now, for this week’s schedule.  Remember to always check Twitter and Facebook, as bad weather does blow in and trucks cancel their plans.

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