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Eat Up, Y’all: Our Guide to Healthy Food Options at the State Fair of Texas 2013

By Carol Shih |
You can find this Greek honey yogurt with fat-free baklava inside the Food Court. (photography by Kyle Pennington)

state_fair_button Here’s the problem with the State Fair: You want to go, but you don’t want to go. All your friends have planned a big “Ladies Night Out” at Fair Park, but you despise all that fried food nastiness with every artery of your being. Fried stuff makes you sick to your stomach.

I don’t blame you. I love me some funnel cake fries and deep-fried grilled cheese, but with three pending invitations to the State Fair, there’s no way in Gaia’s creation I’m getting open heart surgery by the time I’m 35.

No. Thank. You.

This, my friends, is a list of healthy foods for people who love the State Fair atmosphere, but hate State Fair food.

Check out our downloadable, print-ready PDF button for vegan, vegetarian, and some gluten-free options. The two items I’ve kept on from last year are the black-eyed pea soup and Greek salad, simply because they were awesome. (Both can be found at the Food Court.) The Southwestern vegan tamales from The Tamale Company and salads from Bolsa Mercado are brand spankin’ new. It’s their first year at the fair, and we’re glad they’re at the Texas Discovery Gardens.

Go eat all this healthy stuff worry-free.

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