Eat This Now: Village Kitchen’s Lobster Thermidor with Mac and Cheese

Lobster thermidor with mac and cheese (photography by Kevin Marple)
Lobster Thermidor with mac and cheese (photography by Kevin Marple)

As seen in the November 2013 issue.

Mac and cheese | Elbow pasta is baked with Gruyere, smoked cheddar, and a Parmesan cream sauce. It’s topped with breadcrumbs and more Parmesan and browned.

Lobster | Maine lobster is boiled for three minutes. The meat is removed from the shell and mixed with creme fraiche, roasted corn, roasted peppers, chives, tarragon, egg, chipotle, a dash of brandy, and Parmesan. The shell is then refilled with the mixture and baked until golden brown. It’s topped with more Parmesan and browned for three more minutes. (Only served on Fridays.)


  • Ernest Camus

    No no no! This is no way to treat a lobster. Why are we abusing lobster lately? I’ve seen lobster in everything but chili. Please stop it. Lobster is is best in it’s simplest form. Boiled or broiled. At most a very small amount of dressing and seasoning for salad. Additionally, I do not eat things that look like broiled vomit like the poor fellow in the picture. Just to think he passed away for only to have his sweet flesh to be assaulted with a pantry miscellaneous ingredients (none of which say, “lobster!”) then processed and stuffed into itself like bad Korean pornography. Cooked and parsleyed, served with a goopy starch and so it goes. Please stop it chefs!

  • twinwillow

    Damn, that lobster looks good!