Dude, Sweet Chocolate to Open a New Location on Lower Greenville in Dallas

KCKatherine Clapner, the dynamic dudette of Dallas chocolate, signed a lease for a 900-square foot space at 1925 Greenville Avenue a few doors down from Trader Joe’s. She will open another Dude, Sweet Chocolate location in November.


  • spoon18

    What is the’ fascination with Dude, Sweet? It just doesn’t do it for me.

  • twinwillow

    I like their chocolate covered marshmallows but, that’s about it.
    Definitely not your father’s chocolate.

    I much prefer CocaAndre Chocolatier around the corner on W. Davis.

  • Madai Griselda

    I love her chocolate it’s amazing!!! Chocolate covered Marshmallow is my favorite. Looking foward to the new spot.

  • JtB

    I can’t wait. Spoon and twinwillow should probably stick to Kroger for their chocolate. I had Dude, Sweets Urrunaga Bros. fudge that reminded me of what real chocolate should taste like. Damn!