Don’t Eat This Now: Deep-Fried Nutella at the State Fair of Texas

The not-so-awesome deep-fried Nutella at the State Fair of Texas (photography by Kyle Pennington)
The not-so-awesome deep-fried Nutella at the State Fair of Texas (photography by Kyle Pennington)

Dearest deep-fried Nutella,

Why are you trying to be a spanakopita when you aren’t? You, Nutella, are lovely just the way you are. You are lovely with bananas. You are lovely plain. You are so lovely, I even did a whole Taste Test Thursday with chocolate hazelnut spread JUST FOR YOU.

I enjoyed the strawberry and banana slices that you came with, but that’s where the fun stopped.

It’s not me. It’s totally you.

The weird phyllo dough that encases you makes you way too crunchy. I wanted generous Nutella to burst forth from your sweet insides, but that didn’t happen at all. Where were the fireworks? Where’s the cow jumping over the moon? I didn’t feel a single spark at all. You, Nutella, just lay there inside your layers of phyllo dough. I could feel your disinterest.

What a huge disappointment. You were a Big Tex choice finalist this year. I was really looking forward to meeting you.

All 12 of the coupons I spent on you could’ve been used to buy Taco Bueno’s Mucho Nachos.

What a waste!


  • CollinDuwe


  • vivak

    Totally disagree. I loved it!

  • Mario


  • Bonnie Nurse Mounts

    Well maybe not worth 12 coupons or 6 bucks!

  • SSM

    Totally agree! It was basically fried paper with a drizzle of nutella. Fried food fail.

  • Liam

    You must have been hopped up on the Nasty Fried Cuban Roll that took the top spot. I had the King Ranch Chicken Casserrole that was amazing despite not placing followed up by the Fried Nutella and it was HEAVENLY!!!!

  • Summer Shivers

    were is the fried nutela at the state fair