Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need? Ctd.

What kind of restaurant would Major Tony Nelson and Jeannie do in Dallas?
What kind of restaurant would Major Tony Nelson and Jeannie do in Dallas now?

Last night, our food truck reporter, and all-around good guy, George Lewis sent me a link to a story I posted in October 2009. I posed the question:

 The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what would you like to see in Dallas? I know what I want it’s a fleet of these, STAT. Your turn.

Your comments make a fun read. Somebody paid attention. I not only got my food trucks, I got my truckaurants (Relish, Nammi). Other wishes granted:

 * “Cafes/sidewalk cafes that open onto the street, especially in the Arts District”

* “A Dallas Button’s”

* “Oaxacan, or even Yucatecan [sic] style restaurant would be awesome

* “We need a place like Salumi in Seattle. We have the cheese producers starting up but     not any cured meats to round out a picnic”

* “In And Out burger”

* “Better seafood selection”

* “Pizza:  Brick-oven made, thinnest crust ever, and most fantastic toppings ever”

* “Central Texas style BBQ place that’s consistently good”

Let’s play round two. What food or restaurant would you like to see in Dallas? (Notice: we didn’t ask for cupcakes.)


  • jmckee

    Malaysian food, I would kill for some beef rendang. I miss Tom Toms. 🙁

  • Greg Brown

    High quality, well spiced Asian and Asian-Fusion cuisine. There are some out there, but we need more.

  • TheBradsBlog

    OHHH – look – your link says ” a link to a story I posted in October 2004.” FOUR! That would be interesting. Somebody go look for what we all wanted 10 years ago, that should be interesting. I’m busy… errr, should be.

  • Harachoka

    Dim sum!!

  • Nancy Nichols

    whoopsie, typo grande. We wanted tall food in 2004.

  • twinwillow

    Although I really love Deli-News, Dallas does need at least one more (hopefully, south of LBJ) authentic NY Jewish deli

  • joeat

    Still the same as 2009 – Italian, and good Thai would also be nice.

    • Twinwillow

      We’ve got plenty of really good Thai. But Italian, very much needed!

  • BradfordPearson

    A good falafel shop would be nice. And not a place that has falafel on the menu, one that specializes in it. And maybe a Balkan bakery.

    • Margaux

      Here here!

  • Tspoon

    High quality, un-Americanized Chinese. Malaysian and Indonesian would also be great. Bagels that aren’t simply bread shaped like a bagel. An Italian bakery.

  • Sausage lova!

    Sausage Restaurants!

    • Twinwillow

      What’s wrong with Kuby’s and Rudolph’s? Can’t get much better than them.

  • AmyS

    I’ve been craving mufungo. Any good Puerto Rican food in Dallas?

  • Francis Henry

    More doner kepap!

  • LH Pony

    A real NY DELI!!! Kenny & Ziggy’s is a success in Houston so I know we can have one hear. Cindy’s is okay, but just doesn’t compare…

  • Dallas Foodie

    Good Italian

  • Dallas Foodie

    Chinese, miss Arc En Ciel.

  • homerluvsduff

    High end Chinese. Is Howard Wang the best we gave??

  • Robert Grunnah

    The Shed (Santa Fe), best Mexican food in the entire world.
    I asked them to come, but they sneered at me. Ugg.

  • Christie

    Bahama Breeze, they have this amazing Grilled salmon & salad, with tomato salsa & avocado, served on a tostado ~ YUM!

  • Jen

    A great gluten-free cafe and if it’s GMO-free, too–even better!

  • mremanne

    My current dream would be an old style coffee house, where someone could hang in the evening, hear some live music, enjoy a good brew, maybe a sandwich, and RELAX. I know we have several new coffee bars that have opened recently, but I’m talking about something different. And if, by chance, said coffee house had a newsstand attached, I’d LIVE there! Nancy, you know people. TALK to somebody, please!

  • EatNPeace

    Depending if you are looking for more Northern or Southern Italian gems. If Northern Italian suits your palette….. Adelmo’s Ristorante is stellar. I found out it has been open since 89. Longetivity speaks volumes in my book.

  • jkevin

    A Dean and Deluca take out counter to compete with Eatzi’s. Also- an upscale French-Asian fusion restaurant would be nice.

  • jkevin

    A Dean and DeLuca take out counter to compete with Eatzi’s. Also, an upscale French-Asian fusion restaurant would be nice.

  • Old Tex

    A Great Jewish Deli

  • Debbie Spitzer

    Fresh seafood restaurant that doesn’t cost a fortune