Congratulations to Our Nespresso Pixie Machine Contest Winners!

courtesy of Nespresso
courtesy of Nespresso

For the last two weeks, we’ve had a Nespresso Pixie machine contest, and people all over Dallas have been submitting their entries via Twitter and Instagram. (Yes, we made y’all jump through some hoops, but that’s because this is a mighty big prize.)

Well. We’ve gotten 29 entries and it’s been a real pleasure viewing all of them. (Most of them… okay, some of them.) A few sounded pretty whiny. Others stepped up to the plate by churning their creatives juices. Thanks for all the fun we’ve had these last 14 days.

First place (@KelseyWho) gets the whole Pixie machine shebang, and second place (@billholston) wins a milk frother. (Email me at [email protected] to figure out how you can claim your prizes.)

First Place: @KelseyWho

Twitter bio: “Quasi-Librarian. Writer for Ghost Volta. Abuser of apostrophes. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.”

Why she nailed it: She’s the only one who took the time to submit a Vine, and we can empathize with her work/coffee situation.

Second Place @billholston

Twitter bio: “I am the Executive Director of Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, a premier human rights organization in America. View expressed are my own”

Why he nabbed it: Bill, you must admit, is clever fellow.


Runner-up: Instagram user MICLo_82

Why we liked this one: We love brown nosers.